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I'm sorry hun! The same thing happened to me. Just remember this saying.....If a guy really loves you, set him free. If he comes back, he was yours, if he doesn't, then it was never meant to be. If he loves you, he won't be able to be without you. I had to wait a month for mine to come back to me.


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It looks lie your oyfriend broke up with you because his parents didn't approve of you. Try to tidy up around his parents, but be yourself around him.

because she wanted marcuz the love of her life back.,, was she stupid because she broke up with he, because he wanted sex and then the next day she broke up with him to go out with her ex boyfriend,..

No Rainie Yang does not have a boyfriend. She recently broke up with her boyfriend, Qiu Shengyi back in April.

Yes, you can get her back, but you will have to change. If she says that you stress her out, then you need to try to be more relaxed between you and her and don't push her so much.

Simply tell him exactly that. You have a boyfriend and your sorry but you don't want him back. Unless you do, but if you broke up why do it agian?

i do, it depends, why you broke up! i dont see anything wrong with it x

you make him want you back girl u know u can get him back because u had him before so just go after him

tell them how you feel then give them want they want

Yes, she will go back out with you give her some space. BACK OFF!!!!! I know because I'm a girl. ------------ Also, see related question below.

i think that they will get back together just because he wanted you back then he'll want you back agian in just a matter of seconds

You need to do both of yourselves a favor, and really decide if you want him back, or if you are just playing a silly little game.

theres a reason you broke up. dont look back. look forward.

first off all, if your in 5th grade & have a boyfriend there is prob something wrong with that.. & if he broke up with you he doesn't want you back. & if you broke up with him then he might still likke you but you gotta tell him how you feel before he movess on(:

You broke up with him! Forget about him. Your probably just getting jealous because you've been with him and now he's flirting with your friend (lame guy move btw) he's just moving on. you fight back and you have to study the person and you have to fight for your boyfriend back. that always work trust me

It sounds as if your ex boyfriend not only wants to see his child more often, but wants to get back with the mother of his child because if he didn't there is nothing stopping him from staying with you and introducing you to his child.

nothing. i was in the same situation except i was the guy. me and her got back together but it was really awkward because we spent time apart already so broke up not long after we got together

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