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You get your first period when you are old enough but won't lactate unless you are pregnant, you won't have both together

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Q: How do you get your first period with milk?
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On period but milk coming out breast?

on my period and milk leaking out my breast's.

Does drinking milk mare you start your first period?

No. Only hormones determine when you body has a period. What you drink or eat has nothing to do with it.

Can you get your period while expressing or pumping breast milk?

Yes you can get your period if you are pumping milk and feeding from anything other than the breast. Ovulation can also precede your first period, especially if you are more than 6 months post partum.

What was the first warm blooded vertebrates that fed their young with milk appeared during the mesozoic period?

The mammals.

What was the first warm-blooded vertebrates that fed their young with milk appeared during the triassic period?


When you have a period does milk start coming into your breasts?

No. You only get milk during a pregnancy. During a period, it is just fluid build-up

Can you produce milk and have your period?

Yes. It often signals that the milk production may be decreasing.

Can a female produce milk?

Female mammals are the only organisms that can produce milk, period.

Im leaking milk from your breast What is wrong?

whats wrong with me I'm on my period and milk leaking out my breast

What is meant by the term lactation period?

Time period within which the mammary glands produce milk.

When was milk chocolate made first?

Chocolate Milk was first made in 1831.

Where was milk first produced?

The first mammal feeding its baby produced the first milk. We would not know exactly when or where this was. It is even possible that mammals were not the first to breastfeed their offsprings with milk.