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Just keep feeding the pups.

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Q: How do you get your pup to 15 pounds on wolfquest?
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Why can you be a pup on WolfQuest?

Currently you are not able to play as a pup in WolfQuest due to the amount of funding/time it would take to develop.

Can you have a pup in WolfQuest three?


Can you be a pup in multiplayer on wolfquest episode 2?

No. You are unable to play the role of a pup in WolfQuest either in single player or mutli-player.

How do you get an albino pup in wolfquest?

To get the albino pup you must have 50,000 experience points before the pups come. I suggest looking through the WolfQuest forums.

How do you grow your pack in WolfQuest?

eat food and regertait it or press f right by a wolf pup when at least one is 15.0 pounds you can go to your rendevouz site

Can you be a pup in episode three in WolfQuest?

The WolfQuest team has not said anything about making a WolfQuest three. Also, if you saw a video or something about it on YouTube, it's fake.

Will you be able to be a pup on multiplayer in the new WolfQuest?

No you will be unable to play the role of a pup in single player or multi-player.

What are the unlockable bonuses in wolfquest 2?

A fourth den and a white pup

What happens when one of your pups dies on wolfquest?

you will have 1 less pup :-(

What is the average weight of a wolf pup?

well.... when a wolf pup is just born it is about one pound but it has to be 15 pounds to leave the den

Is there a game like wolfquest but you can be a wolf pup growing up?

i think there is one like wolfquest but its better... i dont know what it is! plz help me!

Can you be a pup in wolf quest 3?

First of all: there is no Wolfquest 3, only wolfquest 2.5 which is new, it came out recently. Second of all: I shall now answer ur question. No. U cannot be a Pup, the only things that changed is the weather.