How do you get your red tunic back after a Like Like eats it in the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time?

Getting Red Tunic Back in Zelda

After a Like Like eats your red tunic, you can kill it with a few sword swipes or with a few arrows if you are having trouble getting close to it without getting sucked in. It will leave any items it devoured behind after it dies.

Buying The Red Tunic

If for whatever reason you were unable to defeat the Like Like that ate your tunic, you can still purchase one from the Goron Shop in Goron City for the price of 200 rupees.

Getting the Goron Tunic for Free (Only works during fire temple)

If you are in the fire temple and could not defeat the like like, go back to goron city and talk to darunia's son again... After hearing the same stuff from him and cheering him up, he will give you another tunic for free.

If u lose it in ganon's castle, sadly, you have to buy it (kill 10 gold skulltulas then consult with the guy in house of skulltula to get a 200-rupee wallet) cuz it is necessary for the fire section and remember for next time to only wear it for the fire section so it doesn't get eaten if u r devoured in the shadow section.