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How do you get your spouse to move out of your house?

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Ive known people that make it so miserable for someone they want to leave. I know others that got the police involved, if there is violence or the such. I think if the relationship is over that it should be done fairly and items distributed equally. You must file for a separation or divorce and state clearly your reasons, not that this person doesnt already know them. Of course, this all depends on the maturity level of all involved and there may be particular circumstances that it happens immediately. In most states, the courts have to be involved for it to be legal. People shouldn't just kick someone out on the street with no where to live. I would give this person a reasonable amount of time after you file to be out and if they don't then have them removed.

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How on Harvest Moon Magical Melodies how do you get your spouse to move in with you?

In Harvest Moon Magical Melody your spouse will move in with you, but he will only move in to your first house, So your spouse did move in with you.

How do you get a divorce and not move out of your house?

To get a divorce without moving out of your house, you will need to get your spouse to move out, or reach an agreement about continuing to live (separately) in the home.

How can you ask your spouse to move into your house in the sims 3 ambitions?

go to your house, invite them over, talk and ask them to move in! (hope they say yes)

How do you Get your spouse to live in your house in the sims 3 iPhone app?

You have to invite him or her to your house and find the ask to move in option when you click on them

How do you move your family into a new house in Fable 2?

To move your family into a new house, you must get your spouse to follow you using the Follow expression. Go to a house that you own and want to move into, and go to the scroll next to the house. Hit A to Use the scroll and scroll down to the option "Set as Marital Home". If it is a new house that you haven't bought yet, then the only difference is that the scroll will say "Examine Property" instead of "Use" and the option is "Buy and Move In With Spouse". Please note that your spouse doesn't have to approve of the house before you move in, but it is better that they do, so that way you can keep them happier and you won't have to come and visit them as often to keep them happy. Otherwise, you may find yourself being divorced! You will know if your spouse approves or disapproves of the house if you pause by the house as you arrive and listen to what he or she has to say of the house.

Can you buy a house without your spouse?

Yes you can. Moreover, you can't buy a house with a spouse, if you want to buy a house, you need to bring your own spouse into it.

How do you divorce in Fable 2?

You cannot divorce in Fable 2. But your spouse can divorce you. move them to a horrible house, (Gypsy Camp) then set there daily allowance to 0. Very soon your spouse will divorce you.

How can you protect your teens from emotionally abusive spouse?

Get rid of the spouse, or move away...

If you have filed for a divorce can you still live in the house with your spouse?

If you recently filed for a divorce in alabama,can you still live in the house with your spouse

When you spouse moves out of the house when does the 2 year law go into effect the day you move out or the day you file for divorce?

You need to clarify the state.

Change a house title due to spouse death?

If the surviving spouse's name is on the deed of the house, the house will automatically transfer to them. If the spouse is named in a will, the house will go to the named person.

What adjectives rhyme with house?

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How do you move in with your spouse on sims 3o?

You can't

Is it possible to move a spouse into a house mod in Skyrim?

Yes, on skyrim Nexus there's a mod called Spouses Can Live Everywhere by Amgepo and Emma

What if other spouse can not pay mortgage when the other spouse dies?

Then the house needs to be sold.

What is a turnkey house?

A ready-to-move-into house A ready-to-move-into house A ready-to-move-into house

If one spouse buys a house and the other spouse isn't on the deed are they entitled to half in a divorce?

No, the house is in the name of the one spouse. Which is why you MUST make sure you put both names on a deed.

What if your spouse refuses to move out during a divorce?

Why should he? You could move instead.

What rhymes with mouse?

Some words are:blouse, douse, dowse, grouse, rouse, spouse, flouse, HouseHouse and Louse xlouseHouse, blouse, spouse, louseHouse and Louse x

What are the release dates for Spouse vs. House - 2011?

Spouse vs. House - 2011 was released on: USA: 4 May 2011

What rhymes with mama house?

Think about what rhymes with 'house'. spouse, crouse, mouse.

How do you move in to your partners house on sims3 ambitions on ipod touch?

You can't move into their house they have to move into your house

If one spouse dies the ther spouse automacilly receives home correct?

Depends which spouse was actually paying the mortgage/paid for the house. If the deceased spouse paid for the house in it's entirety, it is their choice (which they will state in their will) of who the house goes to. If they do not state, it will probably go to the other spouse unless another family member contests the decision (for example, if you'd just married the spouse, who has adult offspring, they would be entitled to challenge the decision of the house going to yourself). If the mortgage/payment of the house was 50:50, it's not clearcut unless the deceased did leave their share of the house to you. (Although your 50% is still legally yours). If they wish to leave it to someone else, you can go to a court to contest the decision. If the house was a gift, it depends which of you it was actually gifted too. Although being married to the spouse does usually protect your right to the house (unless you were responsible for their death).

Can your husband sell your house without spouse signature?


Spouse dies with a will that gives to her children. surviving spouse wants to stay in the house. Does he have to sell house in order to pay her children half of the equity or does he get a life estate?

In Texas, the suriving spouse has a life estate and does not have to sell.