How do you get yourself pregnant?


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By either having sexual intercourse or having semen inserted at a clinic. If you have tried getting pregnant for a year and it has not worked, you should see a doctor. Suggest getting a husband first for the long-term happiness and welfare of the baby.

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When you cannot get yourself pregnant, it is called infertility.

there isn't a way to help yourself get pregnant unless u get the tubal ligation reversed

you can't make yourself get pregnant. you can adopt a baby at the hospital.

No It doesn't matter what you do to yourself unless you got yourself pregnant.

Not unless your a hermaphrodite...

No to get pregnant you must involve a man.

Certainly you can. Especially if you're worried that you really might be pregnant.

No. you have to be a woman to have a baby.. or a vagina. And you need sperm to get pregnant.

The minute a penis enters the vagina you can get pregnant so protect yourself if you are not trying to get pregnant!

No. Your ability to get pregnant does not mean you are capable of taking care of yourself. It actually just means the opposite, you don't know how to take care of yourself and a baby.

Yes you are able, you have both could get yourself pregnant........... Or you could get someone pregnant or someone can get you pregnant.

If you use a condom when have sex, you wont be pregnant. (If the guy uses it, that it.) You only get pregnant when the man cums inside of you.

A girl fingering herself with no guy around means there is no guy to provide sperm! You cannot get pregnant with the absence of sperm. Masturbating means you are alone, by yourself, touching yourself, which can never get you pregnant.

You can put on a lot of clothes...

If you insert live sperm into your vagina ...

Abstain from sexual activity

Ofcourse. Not all pregnant women get nausea, just most of them. Brand yourself lucky.

There isn't a way of making yourself pregnant with a boy

Holding the dog is fine. Picking up a large dog up by yourself when pregnant is not.Who is pregnant, you or the dog????

As long as you know you are pregnant, then I wouldn't worry. Just consider yourself lucky!

I canget pregnant my husband is sterile can I just I inject semen from family member to try and get pregnant?

Find a yourself a husband that doesn't have the virus and you won't get HIV when getting pregnant.

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