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You will either need to be 18 + and/or have gifting enabled for you account. Just select the wizard you want to gift, buy the gift, and click the gift icon at the screen to send it to him/her.

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you can put items in your shared bank, but only people from youre account can access them. you cant give people from a different loggin your items

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Q: How do you give a gift in wizard101?
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What does the wizard101 gift card give you?


Can you give me a wizard101 gift card code?

flaber donkeys

Can you gift a house on wizard101?

no because homes from wizard101 arent giftable

What is the code for epic bundle on Wizard101?

no one is going to give you the code you know go buy your own gift card

Are there any wizard101 gift cards in?

yes there is

Can you give me a valid wizard101 gift card code?

You can't, because if you want to have a valid wizard101 gift card code you will either have to buy one yourself or ask someone to buy it for you, because the gift card codes are one-time use only for each card, so if one card is purchased and used, the code will be useless.

How do you get a ice cat on wizard101?

Buy the gift card at Target

Does rite aid have wizard101 20 dollars gift card?


How do you become a member on wizard101?

login to the homepage at and click on my accounts and then click on update memberships OR go on to login and type in the code(if you have a gift card)

How do you get a frost cat in wizard101?

Its easy if your in USA you can buy a gift card from target which will give you frost cat my friends so jealous though because im getting a gift card and he said their not rare That's Just crazy!!

Where do you get wizard101 gift cards?

You can get it at almost any simple store, such as 7 Eleven.

What stores can you get wizard101 gift cards?

you could get at 7-11 or Rite Aid