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All you have to do is select the picture like a treasure box then click gift then gift it to your friends example I want to gift Raven then I'll click the box then gift it to him cause his a boy that simple right so you can do it just follow me and you'll give it now

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The only way you can get 10000 money in pet society is if you use cheat engine 9 or if playfish give you free money

No you can not give away your pet, you can only sell your pet to the adoption center.

in your pet society the one that got away , the one katy perry is the one that got away hey hey hye who are you men ,k you got away sorry for anything mungga bunnga osaka!

There is a ring in the Cash Shop in Pet Society that makes your pet disappear. If you put clothes on your pet and then the ring you will have no head!! The ring is $10 real money, unfortunately.

Go to

123456 is the cheat to get manyyyyyyyyyyy money

you cant give your pet a way but you can sell or put pet up for adoption

UH. go to stylist then choose. but wait. you must have money to Pay for the changes..

You can get money by Visiting friends and playing with them, you can also rub them with your soap or brush and sometimes they give you coins. Another way is to play at the stadium, when you win you get 30 coins. Hope this helps

they groom pets for money,such as they wash away flees.

There are no jobs for you in pet society

Hmm that's a hard one I think you cant.

Take the soap for your pet just like how you would give it food. It will know how to wash itself

So far what i know is that the two main source of income in Pet Society is either visiting your friends (who are playing Pet Society too) )(20c each for each day), or winning lotteries (500c, 100c, 50c)

no,but you can buy it from the cash shop or complete offers.

Movie Star Planet is a super cute online game where you can get pets to take care of, virtually. There are no instructions on how to give a pet away once you obtain it though.

how to upgrade my paw points in pet society

I don't think you can restart your pet society -_-

You could either keep them or give/sell them away.

well it hates you just give it away because then you well end up with sraches everywhere so give it away....

Basically you cannot EVER finish Pet Society. I guess you simply just keep leveling your pet up, getting more money, getting more items, blah, blah, blah. I believe it never ends.

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