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First, get 99 strength.

Second, drink 1 dose strength potion.

Third, Activate prayers. (I forgot the names but you need level 31 prayer order to activate it.)

Optional: get either 45 attack or 60 attack. (More accurate).

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Simple ^^, I was one of the people who found out this glitch, idk how it got leaked anyways it got patched so i might as well just teach u. 1)Wear Any Weapon U Want Overpowered. 2)Destroy a Holiday Item 3)When The Option Comes To Destroy it or not, since you can get back from diango 4)You turn on all your prayer, doesnt work now =[ 5)Then Boom! Ur Overpowered.

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Q: How do you glitch to hit high with a rune scimitar?
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How high can you hit with a rune scimitar?

Over 300.

With a rune scimitar what can you hit at level sixty seven strength?

i hit around 15 with rune scimitar with 61 strength and 57 attack

What is better rune longsword or rune scimitar?

The rune longsword is slower, but has a higher max hit by 1, but the rune scimitar is faster but has some unnecessary bonuses and is expensive, so the rune longsword is best.

Which level can you hit 14 with rune scimitar without strength pot in runescape?

Strength potion only boosts your strength by 10 or so levels.You hits also depends on your gear, so I will do it based on Runescape Scimitar, then Rune Scimitar With Strength Amulet.-Non Members-Rune scimitar + strength amulet = Level 63 Strength.Rune Scimitar = 69 Strength.-Members-Rune Scimitar + Amulet of Fury = Level 64 Strength.Rune scimitar + Berserker Necklace = Level 65 Strength.

Which is better rune scimitar or rune 2h sword?

in my oppinion the R scimmy is the better one because its faster then the 2h sword and you can wear a shield wich are necessary for dragon slaying etc but i thout that the rune 2h dide more damage A: A Rune Scimitar attacks with an Attack Speed of 6 (every 2.4 seconds) and a Rune 2H Sword attacks with an Attack Speed of 3 (every 3.6 seconds) meaning you can attack a lot more often with a Rune Scimitar, but the Rune 2H has a higher max hit as it provides a bigger strength bonus. Overall if you are looking for a weapon to train your combat skills the Rune Scimitar is the better choice, while a Rune 2H Sword can be very useful in PVP as it provides sudden high damage, which means you can kill people with a high hit before they are capable of using food. id say if you had low than 70 strengh then use a rune scimitar and a rune 2h for over 70 strengh

Which level you hit 15 with rune scimitar without pot in runescape?

around level 70+ Strength.

What is better at training strength on runescape rune 2h or rune scimitar?

for non member: if you want to up fast in str use rune scimi if you want to hit more use long rune sword if you want to hit greater use rune battle axe and 3h rune (dagger and short sword are faster than scimi but scimi hits higher and better) for member: The best way to up in str is dharok

Is a batteaxe better than a scimitar in runescape?

Depends on how you are using it. Battle axes hit higher but scimitars hit faster. I would have to If you have a high str level, then a scimitar is better.

How much higher can a rune 2h hit than a rune scimitar?

well it depends if you have any potions and prayers and amulets on. im lvl 75 and my r2 hander hits a 17 max. but my rune scimmi only hits a 13. hope that helps you add me as a freind my user is: sonicxx8

What is the fastest way to getting from level 41 to level 50 attack?

The fastest F2P way to get level 50 attack from level 41 is to train on hill giants. Use a rune scimitar, rune kiteshield, full rune armour and an inventory of four 4-dose strength potions and ten-fifteen swordfish and four-eight free inventory spaces. These can be killed in the Edgeville dungeon and you can collect their bones and drops for money. The fastest P2P way to get level 50 attack from level 41 is to train on rock crabs. Use a rune scimitar, rune kiteshield, full rune (including rune boots) and an inventory of four combat potions, one-two shark and the rest of the inventory free for drops. Rock crabs give great xp and rarely hit you so food in not necessary.

In runescape what is the best adamant sword?

a adamant scimitar, its fastest and best. but if you want to hit high you could use a 2-handed sword

Which level can you hit 15 with rune scimitar?

With no other equipment bonuses (such as an Amulet of Strength or Gauntlets), you can hit a 15 on the Aggressive style at level 71 Strength, or 74 Strength with an Accurate style. With a more reasonable bonus, such as an Amulet of Strength, you can hit a 15 at around 65 Strength on the Aggressive style, or 67 on an Accurate style. Other equipment may provide a Strength bonus, such as a Rune Berserker shield, so there is no single answer as to what stats you need to hit a certain number.