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How do you go about getting your Adderall dosage increased?


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I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 6. My psych put me on Adderall recently, and I was wondering how I could tell her that I can feel it working, but it's not quite enough without throwing up a bunch of red flags.

It really shouldn't be a problem. Talk to your psych, tell him that you believe the Adderall is helping a little. Then explain why you think your dosage is too low.

You said you just started taking it recently, but when I started taking Adderall, I noticed the difference from day one. And I didn't even start taking for ADD. It was prescribed for me to counteract the drowsiness that is a side effect of the anti-depressant and anti-anxiety meds I was already on. Only after I started the Adderall, did we realize how much more it did for me.

Whenever I have a bad spell or feel like I'm getting used to my meds, I tell my doctor and request that she raise my dosage.

BUT... I have always been wary of the potential for abuse of Adderall. It is an amphetamine and it can be addictive. I have told my psychiatrist and my GP of my concern and requested that they both be kept aware of the meds I'm on, any change of meds and any changes in dosages. This way I am being monitored by 2 doctors.

Don't hesitate to ask for a small increase if you really feel like it would be beneficial. Reassure your doctor that you are aware of the potential for addiction. Under no circumstances should you lie to your doctor. It certainly won't help your condition. If you have a history of alcohol or drug abuse your doctor will be reluctant to give you more - but if that was the case, he shouldn't have put you on it in the first place.

Just keep in mind that Adderall is a controlled substance and should be used as prescribed. I often can skip doses if don't have to worry about the drowsiness (like weekends or vacations), but I never take MORE than I should without consulting my doctor.

Really...don't be so concerned what your doc will think. Ask for small increases. The worst that is likely to happen will be that he may ask you to give it a little more time before considering any changes in dosages.


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Answer: If you start to feel less alert or active than you used to while taking Adderall that is a good indicator. Also if you start to have a more difficult time focusing or paying attention, it's probably a good idea to go see your doctor and get a higher dosage.

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if you are ADD go to the DR and get Adderall

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