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Q: How do you go about having a baby for people that cant have babies?
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What kind of sims where can you have a baby?

are you asking about having a baby? in the sims game for PS2, you cant have babies--but, you can have babies on ANY PC sims2 game! hope that helps!

Can they have baby on the sims2pets?

No you cant have a baby on this game because the Sims 2 Pets is raded E and wont show sims having a baby. Its pretty dumb because the dogs and cats can have babies.

How does a moshling have a baby?

moshlings cant have babies but add me ferntree987

What if Dopplers cant detect babies heartbeat?

uhhh your baby is a zombie

Can you put fathers babies in with the dad hamster?

no you cant put the baby's in with the dad.Well you cant touch them or he will eat them

Should you shave your vangina when your having a baby?

why not? the baby cant tell

Can you have babies with a zombie?

no u cant zombies kill and they are fiction so u cant they will kill u and your baby

How does the alien have its baby?

aliens don't have babies i really know that a alien cant have a baby. All i want to do when i grow up is study the stars but i know aliens cant have babies because i already study aliens and the stars.

Can you have a baby on the sims2 on ps2?

no u cant have babies on sims 2 ps2.......sry

How do you have babies on the Sims 2?

you cant have a baby on sims 2 cause i tried already

How do rotate your babies bowl when your feeding it on baby pals?

you cant the first food you choose to feed your baby with is the one it will eat

How do snow people have babies?

This is a dumb question. They cant