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If you are trying to fly the Hydra Plane in San Andreas for PlayStation 2. I will tell you.

Get in the plane and take off. Make sure you are high enough. Then push and hold the right analog stick forward (you will see the blue rockets on the rear turning towards the camera). Then the plane will automatically move off. Have fun (Just don't crash)

or you can crash just put the invincible car cheat ,you can basicly fly straight down and not be hurt at all,(you have to be in a vehicle)you can also destroy other vehicles by touching them

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Q: How do you go fast on a jet in San Andreas?
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How can you jump the highest you want in gta san Andreas?

get a jet and go as high as possabile and then jump out

Gta san Andreas how to get heath fast and make the red bar go all the way up?

cheat "hesoyam" go and boom

Where is the airport tickits on gta San Andreas?

On san andreas, you got to go to the airport to get tickets.

How fast can a jet go?

well the fastest jet was a blue angle in San Franciso CA is reached 789MPH anyway i dont think any car in the world can beat the jet

How fast can a fighter jet go?

very fast

How fast can jet trains go?

There is no such thing as a jet train.

How do you get a UFO in grand theft auto San Andreas PS2?

Go to and look for gta san Andreas then look for the cheat======================A more accurate answer: This is a common modification, you can get it on many GTA San Andreas modification sites.If I remember correctly, after installing this mod, you can put in the cheat for the Hydra (Jet) and the UFO will appear instead - I suggest to just search Google for "GTA San Andreas UFO mod" and see what you can find.WARNING: Do not try to install the mod unless you know what your doing with it or have instructions!

How do you do drift in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

first type this cheat coxefgu then press lmb and go very fast and press space

Where can you find Katie in gta San Andreas?

Katie Zhan can be found on the top right of the avispa country club in San Fierro. When you take her out on dates she likes to go to diners not fast food or clubs

How do you make outfits on GTA San Andreas?

go to the store

Can you go to Liberty City in gta san Andreas?

no but in a flight mission you will go there

How do you get San Andreas jumbo jet?

Go to the airport in Las venturas and in the south eastern hanger, you can find one. It's not always there and you've got to stand in front of the hanger door to wait for it to open.