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You have to be lucky enough to get the man at the space center to ask you to go.

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Q: How do you go into space on Pokemon emerald?
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How you get jirachi on Pokemon emerald?

you have to go to space...

How can you fly in space in Pokemon emerald?

You can't fly in space in Pokemon Emerald.

Can you go up into space in Pokemon emerald?

Despite what rumors say, you can't go into space in Emerald. (Maybe they'll include that in the remake.)

Can you go to space on Pokemon Emerald?

Space on Emerald?Unfortunately, you cant. Answerthat is only on the Japanese version ha ha ha

Is it true that you can not go to space in Pokemon emerald?

It depends on what method you use.

Where is the white stone needed to go to space in Pokemon Emerald?

the space station in mossdeep city

When will you go to space?

You can't go to space in Pokemon Sapphire, Ruby, Or Emerald. The number of launches is how many weeks you've played.

Where do you get hm dive from on Pokemon Emerald?

To get HM Dive in Pokemon Emerald, go to the Space Center and then help Steven beat Team Magma, then go to his house and he shall give you the HM.

How do you get in space in Pokemon emerald?


How can you go to space in Pokemon emerald without gameshark?

When you capture all 200 Pokemon and talk to the director in lilycove city.

How do you go in the rocket on Pokemon Emerald?

Fly to mossdeep city in Pokemon emerald version then go to the space centre there will be two proffessors one will say what 99%..... and one will say Rocket Launched Succesful No.__

How do i go to space in Pokemon emerald?

you must have 5 stars in your trainer card but its cannot be complited!

Can you go to space in emerald?

booty dew restores hp for all Pokemon for the rest of the game =/

In Pokemon emerald where does riquaza go after you see it at the sky pillar?

It goes back to outer space.

What do you do after getting your 7th badge in Pokemon emerald?

Go to Space Center will see Team Magma.

How do you get the sun stone in Pokemon Emerald?

you can get one from a man in moss deep space center in Pokemon emerald.

How do you get to space for Jirachi in Pokemon Emerald?

you can't

The space station in Pokemon emerald?

in mosdeep

Who do you talk to to go into space in Pokemon sapphire?

Nobody. You can't get into space in Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald, it's all a bunch of lies.

Where do you get a sun stone in Pokemon Emerald?

Go to Mossdeep city , then go to the space station, talk to the sailor, and he will give you a sunstone.

How do you go to outer space in the Pokemon game emerald?

go to mosdeep city space center and talk to a guy looking out off the window he will say that the rocket flight was sucesful if he says it was number 56 you cam go to space do you think some of the people on emerald are gay?

How do you get help on Pokemon emerald?

To get help on Pokemon emerald go to IGN or on this website!!!

Where is the space center pokemon emerald?

Mossdeep City.

Where is the space station in Pokemon emerald?

scotopolis city

Were is the space center on Pokemon emerald?

In Mossdeep City.