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How do you grip the eephus pitch?


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September 13, 2011 4:36AM

eephus pitch

lookin to be a good pitcher?...............well this is agood pitch grab a ball ......ok now pick up the ball like a change up when you throw lob it a bit and watch it strike out the batter

There is a certain way you need to hold an eephus. You need to grab a baseball. The two seams you would hold to throw a two seamed fastball need to be side to side instead of up and down. Then you hold the bottom seam with your thumb and index finger. Then you throw it as a normal fastball and as you throw it the ball will fly out of your hand with the rotation going forward. Then as the ball gets closer it just tumbles down a good 5 feet. I learned to throw this from my pitching coach who played 4 years D2 ball.