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How do you handle a narcissist in your work environment?

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If you have to work closely with them then try to deal with their attitude if possible. If it's affecting your work then it's time to see your Supervisor or the boss. If you do the latter don't say the person is narcissistic because they have not been clinically deemed so, but just say they are impossible to work with. Before you get too upset and do the above try asking this person out for a drink or a coffee and see if you can get to know them on a work basis a little better. They may have personal problems that comes off that they are narcissistic. Always realize that in a place of work there are always those that like to climb over the bodies of others to reach their goal. Marcy

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How to work for a narcissist?

Start looking for a new job.

Can a narcissist handle rejection?

No because rejection means you know who and what they really are and know all their true self. They think they are god and that one cannot live without them. They believe that you are the one who needs them, when in reality it is the other way around. Once a narcissist always a narcissist. They cannot change

The narcissist husband has asked for divorce and actually filed papers asking spouse to pay for it How do you handle this?

Call an attourney.

How do you make marriage work with a narcissist?

Leave, then empty the bank.

How does no contact work with a narcissist?

No contact is the best way to part ways with a narcissist. You must remain consistent and end contact completely and forever.

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How can you hurt a narcissist?

By ignoring them and make them feel they are not needed or important. But some narcissist also ignore her/his environment, and thus focus only for her/himself. Thus, they may not really care if you ignore or try to hurt them.

Is it safe for a narcissist to work with young disabled children?

Oh my God noooooooo

What do you tell people when you leave a narcissist?

That it didn't work out. The rest is none of their business.

How do you stop a narcissist harassing you if no contact doesnt work?

Get a police order of protection

How do you handle stressful situations in the work environment?

People handle them in different ways, but usually the best way is to keep your head and stay calm. If something is wrong, focus on how to solve the problem rather than whose fault it is.

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Can a narcissist be friends with another narcissist?


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How can you handle problem and what strategies you use to handle the work?

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What type narcissist stays with another abusive narcissist?

A borderline. Essentially a more emotionally reactive narcissist.

Does a narcissist know he's a narcissist?

No, the narcissist does not know, after all he is perfect and everyone else around him is at fault.