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You become a secret agent and you do the missions.

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Q: How do you help G in Club Penguin?
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Is G on Club Penguin a girl?

G is a male penguin.

How old is g on Club Penguin?

on club penguin, g is anywhere frome 60-67. he is old than my grandpa that's for sure!!!! lol (club penguin has NOT been online that long. In Club Penguin, his penguin might be 4 years because Club Penguin is 4 years old and he might work in the Club Penguin company.

Help with a quest on club penguin you cant find the gear?

your spy phone and g's gaddegetry, EVERYWHERE

Who is the director of Club Penguin missions?

g is the leader because i am apart of the club penguin spy sociaction

What does g mean in club penguin?


What is G's username on Club Penguin?


What is the answer to the riddle from g on Club Penguin?

The answer is "mogul"

Can you meet g in club penguin?


What is the answer to g riddle in Club Penguin?

The Answer Is Mogul

Can you email G on Club Penguin?

No of course not!

Who is G from Club Penguin?

A famous scientist.

What is g's code in Club Penguin?