How do you help your dog during a seizure?

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2010-02-01 18:36:56

If your dog has cluster seizures, one right after another, it is

dangerous. Ask your vet to get a rx like Phenobarbital and/or

Potassium Bromide to control. My vet prescribed a rectal Valium for

us to take home to help pull him out of his seizures, and that is




First Stay Calm, try to make sure the dog doesn't run into anything

or knock anything over on himself. if he is near anything he may

harm himself on, such as water, (pool) or stairs, pull him gently

by a rear leg to a safe spot. It is VERY important that you keep

your hands away from the dogs mouth.The seizure will cause his jaws

to clinch out of his control & you can be badly hurt !!!! The

seizure should pass in a few min.s then contact your Vet. ASAP!

Contact your vet immediately! If you have to go to the office,

try keeping his head elevated and prevent his tongue from being

swallowed. This is why so many dogs die from this. They get choked

on there tongue. Ironic, right?

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