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If your dog has cluster seizures, one right after another, it is dangerous. Ask your vet to get a rx like Phenobarbital and/or Potassium Bromide to control. My vet prescribed a rectal Valium for us to take home to help pull him out of his seizures, and that is comforting.

First Stay Calm, try to make sure the dog doesn't run into anything or knock anything over on himself. if he is near anything he may harm himself on, such as water, (pool) or stairs, pull him gently by a rear leg to a safe spot. It is VERY important that you keep your hands away from the dogs mouth.The seizure will cause his jaws to clinch out of his control & you can be badly hurt !!!! The seizure should pass in a few min.s then contact your Vet. ASAP!

Contact your vet immediately! If you have to go to the office, try keeping his head elevated and prevent his tongue from being swallowed. This is why so many dogs die from this. They get choked on there tongue. Ironic, right?

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Q: How do you help your dog during a seizure?
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Can a young dog die from her first seizure?

Unfortunately, yes, it is possible for a young dog to have a seizure and die either during the seizure or just after the seizure is over. You need to take your dog in to be seen by your Veterinarian. Medications can be given by your Vet to control the seizures. Each time your dog has a seizure, brain cells are destroyed. Take your dog immediately to a Veterinarian.

Why did your dog die after having a seizure?

Our dog was sleeping on the couch when he began having a seizure, he fell off the couch into a patio door and broke his neck during the seizure and died. You have to protect a pet having a seizure from hurting its self.

What is a good dog for an older man?

to help him Ok so you will need a calm dog like an old lab our a seizure dog if you fall it will bark and bark for help

What does a dog do when it is having a seizure?

Some dogs will fall over, then get up. Some will be jerking there bodies this indicates shock or a seizure, get help NOW

Can scaring your dog cause a seizure?

Scaring your dog does not cause a seizure. However, in dogs who already suffer from seizures, stress can bring on a seizure, so if you scare your dog, the stress from being scared can make the dog have a seizure.

What happens when dogs have seizures?

When an animasuch as dog has a seizure it will shake while laying on the floor. Do not touch te dog because it is frightened and unaware of its surroundings so you may get bit. All you can do it talk to the dog and help it culm down. After the seizure he or she may be very tired and go to sleep. They often do not beathe during the seizure and if they are panting that is why and it is normal. You need t stay culm while anyone a peson or an animal has a seizure and allow them to know that they are safe.

What to do when a dog has a seizure?

Dog seizures can be caused by a number of conditions or illnesses such as liver or kidney failure or brain injury. Therefore, the best thing for you to do when your dog suffers seizures is to check with your veterinarian about your dog's health. They would be able to help you by giving your dog anti-seizure medications and if your dog's seizure is so severe, your vet may offer surgery as an option. Hope this helps.

What do you do if your dog gets seizures?

If your dog has a seizure, he should be taken to a veterinarian for examination and treatment. Often seizures can be controlled with medication and the dog can go on to live a relatively normal life. During a seizure keep away from his mouth. Dogs may snap and bite during a seizure without knowing they are doing it and accidentally injure you. After a seizure, the dog may be disoriented or even frightened. Be calm and reassuring. Approach with caution. Fearful dogs may bite even someone they know and right after a seizure the dog may not recognize even loved ones. When it is safe to handle the dog, take him immediately to the vet. Seizures may indicate serious illness.

Can poisoning cause a dog to have a seizure?


Is my dog having a seizure?

It depends what it is doing.

Can a dog seizure be caused by eating dishwasher detergent?


Can alcohol give your old dog a seizure?


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