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In order to get a shot to "sit" or "stop" on the green, you must hit down on the ball. The more that you hit down on the back of the ball, the more spin you will create and thus, the ball will stop.

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Approach is a shot that is hit to the green.

In golf a do over is called a mulligan. These are really only used in the US. When a player hits a golf shot, and is unhappy with the result he may re-hit that shot. If they hit their second shot, and it went into the water, they can re-hit their second shot etc.Players usually agree a set number of mulligans per round.

This stands for out of bounds. It is an area of the golf course or off the golf course which is not in play. If you hit your ball out of bounds, you cannot play your next shot from there, you must re-hit your shot from the place you originally played from. There is a one shot penalty for hitting out of bounds.

Commonly known as a flop or lob shot.

Golf nets are not used to cover your golf clubs when not in use. Golf nets are used to stop the golf ball after you hit it. It is like a background stop for the golf ball. There are golf nets for indoor and outdoor use.

An approach shot is a shot in golf aimed to land on the green, hit for accuracy rather than power, or a shot in tennis intended to allow the player to get to the net.

the angles are used in golf are for you to hit the ball with the proper stance. Angles are used in golf every time you approach to hit the ball. With any type of shot you use, the same stance will be applied.

You have two options: You can take a 1 shot penalty and replay the ball from where you originally hit it; or you can take a 1 shot penalty and drop it behind the hazard as far as you want.

In golf, out of bounds balls must be replayed from the designated drop area (with a penalty, of course). So, no, you can't move an out of bounds stake to hit a shot.

An club that is used to hit the green, usually on the second shot to a par four, the tee shot on a par three and the second or third shot to a par five.

No, no penalty. Just watch out. It is a one shot penalty if you hit the bag or equipment with your ball.

A shank is a shot in golf, which you do not want to hit. It is a shot in which the ball is struck in between the hossel and the heel of the golf club, it causes the ball to go to the right (if a right handed golfer), but it goes at about a 45 degree angle and goes a relatively short distance.

Best Shot Pro Golf happened in 1996.

Out of bounds is the strictest rule in golf, and often the harshest. You have to replay the ball from the exact same place you just played that shot from. So if you are on the tee and hit one out of bounds, you tee it up again and you are now playing your third shot off the tee (This includes the one shot penalty). If you are in the fairway and hit it out of bounds, you replay it from as close as possible to where the original was hit from.

A strock in golf is called a shot

(For a right hander) A fade is a shot in golf, which starts to the left of the target line and moves back towards the target. For a right hander it is a left to right shot, for a left hander it is a right to left shot. A fade is quite a nice shot to hit, it is useful when trying to get a shot to land softer, or take a couple of yards of a club.

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well either to get to the ball or it is when at the start of a hole you hit the longest shot with your driver and set up the rest

You have to take a two stroke penalty and hit from the same spot from your previous shot.

A 'Chip Shot' or a 'Pitch Shot'

Lay up" is a term that refers to a golfer choosing to hit a shot shorter than he is capable of in order to avoid a hazard or to position the golf ball in a certain spot on the hole. Also known as lay up shot.

In the 1935 Masters, Gene Sarazen holed a 235 yard 4 wood on the 15th hole for an albatross, this shot was called 'the shot heard around the world'.

The tee is an area of a golf course, usually raised and closely mown, where it is designated that players must hit their tee shot from.

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