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How do you hit with a two iron?

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Answer by FutureLPGAgolfer

The only thing you do is step a little farther back. That's it. The swing is exactly the same.

AnswerYou have to begin by removing all self-doubt and negative stigma you may have previously associated with your longer irons. Start from scratch with a fresh approach.

As far as set up with long irons, you may want to widen your stance by a few inches to give you more balance and a wider base to work from. In terms of swing, I tend to focus on taking the club back low and slow (almost like when hitting a driver). From there, swing the same as you would with a short iron. Don't rush it or try to kill it. Make a nice easy swing and focus on your target and the results you want to achieve, rather than all the mechanical stuff. Pretend like it's your 7 iron you're hitting and that will help too.

2011-09-13 04:42:23
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Q: How do you hit with a two iron?
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