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use impact gun or use the the starter to loosen the bolt with a long Johnson bar or ratchet.

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2011-09-13 04:42:27
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Q: How do you hold crank while trying to remove crank bolt?
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How do you remove the crank bolt on a 1994 Honda civic?

Use a harmonic balancer holding tool DenLors 648796 to keep the pulley stationary while loosening the bolt.

How do you remove the crank shaft vibration dampener on a 1998 Chrysler Sebring convertible?

After removing the right front tire and fender liner, you remove the serpentine belt. You then remove the crank bolt and use a puller to remove the pulley.After removing the right front tire and fender liner, you remove the serpentine belt. You then remove the crank bolt and use a puller to remove the pulley.

Remove crank shaft bolt Ford Escort?

you get a gun and you shot it till its removed

How do you remove engine crank pulley 1998 jetta?

Loosen the 18mm bolt about 4 or 5 mm and give the bolt a good wack and the pulley should pop. Then remove the bolt and pulley.

Remove crank bolt on a 1992 Nissan Pathfiner?

Use an air driven impact wrench.........

How do you remove harmonic balancer Mazda millenia?

There is both a puller tool & installer tool. Some do both. You remove crank bolt & thread rod thru a triangle shaped assy that threads into 3 pulley holes & pushes it off against crank snout,. To install can use bolt & impact hammer or installer that threads into crank bolt hole & you turn a nut to crank it on. Most engine building suppliers have them.

How do you take a bike crank off?

Depends on the design. For some, undo the pinch bolts on the top right and left of the crank then undo the big bolt....should slide off after that. For some you need to remove the big bolt going into the bottom bracket, then install the correct crank puller and pull the crank off. If it's an Ashtabula, one-piece crank, you remove the pedals, unscrew the bottom bracket, and thread the crank out through the frame.

2002 accent 16 DOHC What direction remove crank pully bolt clockwise or counter clockwise?

Counter clockwise. This bolt has nothing special

How do the crank bolt come out?

Use an impact gun or secure flywheel when loosening crank bolt.

What if 1 mount bolt breaks from being old while screwing will the car still crank?

If you have a broken bolt, the car is not safe to drive.

How do you remove a coilpack from a spark plug on a 2001 ford pick up with a 5.4 liter engine?

Unplug the wire connecter Remove the 7 mm retaining bolt while trying to remove twist for easier removal

How do you remove crankshaft pulley on a 1987 escort?

Remove anything that may obstruct pulley (belt, wheel, etc.).Your best bet is to use an impact gun to remove bolt in center of pulley (turn counter-clockwise and use safety goggles).After loosening bolt you need to use a harmonic puller to get pulley off crankshaft (do not use impact gun on puller).Tip:Unthread bolt about 1/4 inch from crank pulley then use puller, loosen puller and remove crank bolt a few more turns off crankshaft, then use puller again to slide crank pulley off crank again, keep repeating until it is off.

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