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It means she likes you! If you like her too then ask her out!

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Just hold hands.

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Q: How do you hold hands with your girlfriend in middle school?
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What do you do if your girlfriend want to hold hands?

Hold her hand!

Your girlfriend will barely hold hands with you?

Holding hands is not a requirement to being a good girlfriend. If it is an issue for you, talk to her about it. Tell her how you feel.

How do you hold your girlfriend?

with ya hands ya ding-a-ling

What if your girlfriend will barely hold hands with your?

then she is not comitted to the relationship and you should dump her

Should a girlfriend and a boyfriend hold hands after 5 days?


Why won't your girlfriend hug me or anything we hold hands every once in a while but she usually goes and hides with her friends what should I do?

Tell her if something is wrong between you and her, why she feels uncomfortable around you, then DO her!( unless you r out of middle school) but just try and make he feel good

What are some things a couple could do in school if they're in middle school?

Well first of all middle school kids shouldn't be dating because they are too young. but if you really want to know then you can hold hands at recess or hug but i don't think you should kiss.

Does perry have a girlfriend?

Yer he does, she is named Laura johnston and they hold hands all the time haaaaa

How do you get closer to your girlfriend when you can barely hold hands in front of people?

u can talk to her tell her u love her

How do you get to hold hands with a ten year old girlfriend?

You don't. At 10 she is too young and a minor. If you are older this is not smart.

Is akiza yusei's girlfriend?

Well, in the last episode of 5D's, they did hold hands for a while...But people are still unsure.

Is Cole Sprouse like to hold hands with his girlfriend?

only if it is abby paige, if you are woundering who she is she is not famous that is why you have never heard of her