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To hook up a DVD player and a VCR to an old RCA TV, you will need to examine what type of inputs are available on the TV. The VCR can probably be connected with a coaxial cable. The DVD player will need to be either hooked up with RCA cables or with an S-video cable and two audio cables.

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Q: How do you hook up a dvd player and a vcr to and old rca tv?
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How do you hook up a DVD player to an old TV VCR combo?

If the T.V. has RCA inputs then you should just be able to hook the red and yellow wires into the TV from the DVD player. It should play

How do you hook up a DVD player to an old philips-magnavox TV?

If the tv has RCA inputs, use them. If not, you may need a device that can convert RCA to RF/coax in. Some VCRs can do this.

How do you hook up a DVD player to an old magnavox tv?

Hooking up a DVD player to an old Magnavox TV would involve using RCA cables to connect it. Find the red, yellow and white jacks and attach them to the proper wires.

What is the purpose of a VGA to RCA cable?

A VGA to RCA cable allows a user to hook one electronic device to another. It can be used to hook a gaming system like an Xbox or Wii or a DVD player to a TV.

How to hook up my DVD player to your rca tru flat television?

Many models of RCA TruFlat have HDMI ports and/or stereo RCA connector ports, and most DVD players nowadays come with one or the other. If your DVD player comes with something other than one of these two, it might not connect properly. However, all it should take is plugging the right cords into the right ports.

How do you hook up a VCR DVD combo player to your tv?

A VCR DVD combo player is typically hooked to a TV using RCA connectors. They are color coded and connected to the same ports on each device.

What video format does RCA portable DVD player?

video formats for rca dvd players

Does the RCA DRC8335 VCR/DVD player play music cds?

Yes, any DVD player from RCA will be able to playback music CD's.

How do you connect a DVD player to an old TV?

If the tv has RCA inputs, use them. If not, you may need a device that can convert RCA to RF/coax in. Some VCRs can do this.

How do you program a urc-r6 remote to my rca DVD player?

Try code 522 for RCA DVD players. Universal doesn't have a listing for RCA DVD players in its manual for the URC-R6.

How to set up DVD player with rca cables to HDTV with component cables?

If the DVD player doesn't have COMPONENT connectors, you will have to use a input on the TV that has RCA input connectors.

What is the RCA universal remote code for a Curtis DVD player?

what are the programing codes for a Curtis dvd player

Can an ipod be connected through the rca jacks on a Ford factory DVD player?

No, ipod can't be connected to RCA jacks in a Car DVD player. RCA is used for normal connection for A/V sources, but for ipod, unless your Ford factory DVD player support ipod, your ipod can't work in your DVD. But like this Eonon E1091 Car DVD player, it has such function itself.

Can you take DVD player iPod on a plane?

can I take a portable dvd player on a plane, 7 inch screen, RCA

Hook up tv pvr DVD?

First, run the coaxial cable from the wall to the PVR. Then, hook the coaxial cable from the PVR directly to the TV. Now take the DVD players RCA or HDMI plug, whichever you use, and hook it up to the television directly.

How do you hook up a DVD player to an older tv?

1) If the TV has no RCA inputs, one yellow for video, and a red and white for sound, looks like you need an RF modulator, which converts the video RCA and 2 sound RCA into the RF (Ariel socket) which plugs into old TV's. It will be mono sound. It uses and AC power adapter, or a smaller one uses batteries. 2) It looks like you can get a RCA to RF TV Connection adapter. Plug the RCA plug into DVD video then an RF (TV Ariel) lead into the other end and plug into the TV Ariel socket. To get sound, you'd need a 2xRCA stereo lead linked from DVD audio out to a sound system with aux (auxillery) input..

How can you hook up a sub amp to a 2003 VW Jetta stock Monsoon CD player?

you can get you an rca jack and run it i doubt that cd player has rca inputs besides that it should be a breeze

How do you hook up a VCR and DVD player to a TV with one red white audio out jack and one y r w in jack?

Ebay has signal switches. Just search for RCA switch. Should cost about $5.00

How do you connect Creative 5.1 speaker system with a DVD player?


What is a good brand of DVD players?

A good brand of dvd players is Sony and keenwood. And you can do some research on RCA dvd player cause that is also a good brand. But do more research Sony dvd player case it is better to me.

What cables will I need to buy to hook up my new DVD player?

Audio and video -- and there are several options within each. Audio is typically digital (COAX or SPDIF) but could also be analog (dual RCA). Video is normally either component or HDMI.

How do you watch a DVD through your television?

You need a DVD player and a TV with either an HDMI port, composite video input (on RCA connectors) or a VGA port. Or alternatively a TV/DVD combo.

Need help to hook VCR DVD to record it does not have a coax cable on the vcr DVD?

The modern VCR / DVD recorder does not work like the old VCRs. The switch to OTA digital TV has made the tuner less useful and was deleted from most device. VCR / DVD are now used to transfer the data to DVD . You could however attach cables fron an exernal digital tuner/ or cable box/ satellite into the VCR/DVD with the input line to record. (RCA / HDMI/ composite)

How do you reset parental control on rca DVD?

Press the Stop button on the remote control and at the same time press the Stop button on the DVD player itself for 10 seconds.

What is RCA used for in a Car DVD player?

RCA is an input/ output interface for Audio/Video sources. Usually red and white wires for audio connectors, yellow wires for video connectors.Resources from Eonon ( Great Car DVD player, Car monitor, and GPS provider )