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Q: How do you hook up an n64 with an rfu adapter?
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What is the butt of the n64?

I would say that the butt of the N64 is either the AC adapter location or the AV cable hook up. .j.

Can you hook a n64 to a laptop?

Yes. All you need is a GameCube PC USB adapter and a PC. A tutorial: 1.Plug the USB adapter into the PC from the GameCube when downloaded GCEmu. 2.Open GCEmu and find USB and when finded USB,click on GameCube PC USB and then it will boot up the GameCube and that's all!

What do you hook up first the wireless router or wireless adapter?

It's better to start from the router. But over it does not matter. When you hook up the adapter first, it might take just a little bit longer to connect to the network.

Is there an adapter so that ou can hook up your ps2 rock band instruments to the wii?


How do you make ds emulator work fast?

well 4 starts try to hook up the adapter then u can hook ur gamecube up 2 the tv and it should work faster well 4 starts try to hook up the adapter then u can hook ur gamecube up 2 the tv and it should work faster

What is the wireless adapter in Pokemon?

okay the wireless adapter isn't just for fire red for one and a wireless adapter is what you use to hook up 2 game boys together wirelessly.

Is there a a way to hook up the Wii to the enternet other than wifi?

Buy a LAN Adapter

How do you hook up a CO2 tank a tippmannpros paintballgun?

screw it clockwise into the air source adapter.

How do you get the wired WiFi lan adapter to work on your wii so you can hook up your ds?

you cant

What all will the adapter allow the psp to hook up to?

The car adapter is designed to attach it to a 12 volt power source in a car.Other adapters have other purposes.

Can you hook up a playstation2 controller on a playstation3?

Yes you can but you will have to get a PS2 to PS3 Adapter which has a USB cable on the end.

What cables do I need to hook up my laptop to my LCD TV?

All you need is an S-Video adapter.