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I would say 1st locate motor mounts.if it is rear wheel drive they should be too the right & left of engine .If it is a front wheel drive will be near fron possibly top called wish bone.May have one to left of the motor,While looking into the egnine.quite possibly near lower rear of engine by tranny.may have one lower front.alot of time you will have a vibration to the frame.I sometimes will have someone get into the car with emergency brake set & brake applied put car into drive give slight gas & repeet for revurse,look to see if motor lifts alot near the may also be able to see rubber in mounts separated or broken.sign macgyverman37

Put a jack and a thick piece of wood under the oil pan and raise the engine slightly such that piece of wood is between the jack and the engine. This takes the weight off the mounts. Identify the mounts then look for cracks or torn rubber within the mounts.

Location of the mounts depends on the model of the vehicle.

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Q: How do you identify the broken motor mount?
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