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How do you increase ceiling fan speed?

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I have two ceiling fans, and both are three speed. On mine I just pull the one chain three times to get up to top speed.
If top speed isn't moving enough air, You have to get a bigger fan with a bigger motor.
Look here:
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Which is the best high speed ceiling fan in India?

summer king ceiling fan

What is the speed in RPM of a ceiling fan?

945 rpm

Does constantly running a ceiling fan increase electricity bill?

Of course!

What is the mean of RPM in the Ceiling Fan speed?

Mean of rpm is in fan is that in a minute how much revulation is completed by a fan.

What is the string thing you pull down to change the speed of a ceiling fan?

The string activates a switch in the fan.

My ceiling fan speed is stuck on high I am wondering if you can wire a voltage regulating switch that will allow you to vary ceiling fan speeds without damaging motor or causing other problems?

Light dimmer switch is okay for ceiling fan.

A part number 85112-02?


How do you wire a ceiling fan speed control switch?

A ceiling fan speed control switch is wired the same as an ordinary off- on switch. If it is a replacement, look at the wires connection on the existing switch and connect the new speed control the same way.

How much voltage require to run a ceiling fan in its maximum speed?

Most ceiling fans run on 110 volts.

What is a ceiling fan?

It's a fan that hangs from your ceiling.

What is hugger ceiling fan?

A ceiling fan that mounts directly to the ceiling with no down-rod.

Why would one purchase a ceiling fan over a standard floor stand model?

The ceiling fan is able to fan a wider area in a more general sense. The floor model would be concentrated to a particular area. The ceiling fan would be able to increase the air flow through the room better.

Wiring A Ceiling Fan?

form_title= Wiring A Ceiling Fan form_header= Cool off with a new ceiling fan. Is the ceiling fan installed?*= () Yes () No Is there a light included in the ceiling fan?*= () Yes () No Please describe the wiring problem in detail.*= _ [50]

How do you use a ceiling fan?

In order to use a ceiling fan a person just needs to turn the ceiling fan on. Some ceiling fans are turned on by flipping of a switch. For some, you need to pull the chain of the ceiling fan.

What size capacitors are used in a ceiling fan?

There are a variety of capacitor sizes in ceiling fans. The capacitor is dependant upon the characteristics of the fans motor. Whether it is a single speed, two speed or three speed. If you think it is the capacitor at fault for the fan not operating, take the fan down and open it up. This will give you the exact sizing for your fan.See sources and related links below.

Ceiling Fans?

form_title= Ceiling Fans form_header= Stay cool with a ceiling fan! What is the size of the room where the ceiling fan will be installed?* = _ Are there already electrical wires installed for the ceiling fan?* () Yes () No () Not Sure What color do you want the ceiling fan?* = _

Does a ceiling fan break in?

It should not be necessary to 'break in' a ceiling fan.

Will a ceiling fan running at slow speed consume less electricity?

yes,certain amount of electricity is wanted for the fan to rotate.and then if the fan rotates at slow speed less amount is needed and at high speed more is needed.GOT IT

How do you install a ceiling fan on a vaulted ceiling?

well im not quite sure, but i think you get a fan ceiling first, and then you have to make a hole in the ceiling to get the fan from hanging down. then you... i dont know call a ceiling expert :)

How do you replace ball bearings of a ceiling fan?

buy a new ceiling fan

How do you fix a noisy ceiling fan motor?

Ceiling fan motor is squeaking

What is fan regulator?

A fan regulator is a crucial component that serves to increase or decrease the speed of your fan according to your needs.

Is a black ceiling fan more becoming then a white ceiling fan?

There is no actual real significant difference, besides the color. A black ceiling fan works the exact same as a white ceiling fan. Of course, the brand of the fan might make a difference, though the color of the fan will not.

Why are ceiling fans reversible?

In the winter as you heat your house, the hottest air rises to the ceiling. Ceiling fans are reversible so that you can push this warm air off of the ceiling in the winter. Of course, you will most likely want to run the fan on its lowest speed, since a draft from the fan can actually make you feel colder.

Where is the fan capacitor?

If you are referring to a ceiling fan it is in the bell housing where the fan connects to the electrical box at ceiling level.