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Belgian-made "parlor rifle." If there is a crown over the oval ELG, it was made in or after 1893. Although a modern .22 short may fit in the chamber, it was probably designed for a "BB Cap", which was loaded with only a primer and no powder. There does not seem to be much collector interest in these, so even in top condition, they will probably sell for less than $200 and if in lower condition probably around $100.

I've heard collectors say that more guns have been ruined by cleaning than by neglect. What they mean is aggressive cleaning. If you attack with steel wool and rust remover, you'll destroy the finish. Treat the wood like fine furniture using something like Murphy's Wood Soap if it is really dirty. Then give it a good coat of boiled linseed oil. If there is active rust on the metal, use gun oil and brass wool to remove it gently. Oil the action and wipe all the metal parts with an oiled rag. Keep the gun oil off of the wood. You should avoid refinishing any collectable gun since serious collectors will prefer a piece with only 50% of the original finish over one that has been reblued and varnished.

If you are looking for information that will help identify the make or model of the rolling block rifle you have, see or books such as Single Shot Rifles and Actions by Frank de Haas or Remington Rolling Block Firearms by Konrad Schreier.

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Q: How do you information on a Rolling Block 22 rimfire?
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Is the model # marked? is it an auto, pump, rolling block, ???

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More information needed.

When was the first Remington 22 cal rolling block rifle built?

In the year 1890,as a model No.4 rolling block rifle.

How can you find information on a Belgium small bore hex brl rolling block Possibly .22?

Gun show or on line auction or old gun catalogs

How do you identify maker 22 cal rolling block rifle?

Features and markings.

Where can you find different variations of the Remington model 4 rolling block rifle?

Have you tried the Remington Arms web-site? From the information that I have the Number 4 rolling block rifle was made in the following variations: No. 4 Rolling Block Rifle, manufactured from 1890 to 1933 in .22 S-L-LR, .25 Stevens (barrel may be marked "25-10"), or .32 short or long rimfire calibers. Cadet Model (pre-dates the Boy Scout Model) only manufactured from 1911 to 1912..........very rare No. 4-S "Boy Scout Model" caliber .22 S-L-LR No. 4-S Rolling Block Rifle Military (commonly marked "MILITARY MODEL") or "AMERICAN BOY SCOUT" which is also very rare. These were thought to have been used by military academies for training cadets.

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22 long is a type of 22 rimfire. Others are CB, short, long rifle and a few others .

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The original was in caiber .44 Henry rimfire. Currently in caliber .22 rimfire. Which one?

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Because there is no replaceable primer in rimfire ammunition it cannot be reloaded.

Where can you find a replacement stock for piepers Bayard 22 cal rolling block rifle?

Will have to be made.

Worth of 22 cal rolling block sx Essex rifle?

50-100 USD

What was the production year of a Remington N0 4 rolling block 22 cal rifle with serial no 100010?

I can say that the No 4 rolling block 22 was made from 1890-1933.If you have a 2,3 letter marking on the barrel,we can date the exact year from 1924 to 1933.

What are the release dates for The Big Valley - 1965 Rimfire 3-22?

The Big Valley - 1965 Rimfire 3-22 was released on: USA: 16 February 1968

22 Magnum vs 22 WMR?

WMR stands for Winchester Magnum Rimfire- and is the proper name for the 22 Magnum. They are the same cartridge. The 22 WRF is the Winchester rimfire, and is a shorter, less powerful version of the 22 magnum.

Where can you find information about a 22 rimfire Crescent Firearms Victor?

Marketed to hardware/catalog stores prior to 1930.

Non-centre fire cased ammunition?

would be rimfire such as .17hm2, .17hmr, .22 short, .22 lr .22 mag, .22wa and 5 mm Remington Rimfire Magnum

What was the first 22 cal rimfire produced?


Is a 22 magnum centerfire?

No, it's a rimfire round.

The best value 22 rimfire rifle?


How much does a 22 automag rimfire cost?

About $600.

Looking for information on a 22 cal rifle with rolling block action octagon barrel double triggers no serial number just a letter J under barrel?

Requires hand on inspection.

What type of gun is a 22 magnum rimfire or centerfire?

A 22 Magnum (or Winchester 22-WMR) is rimfire cartridge, same with 17HMR and the 22-WRF. <><><> The .22 Jet, which is a centerfire, was also known as the .22 Magnum Centerfire- but they are rather rare. Most .22 magnums will be, as he said right up there- rimfire. <><><> I forgot about the 22 Remington Jet. (also known as .22 Center Fire Magnum, or .22 CFM) Nice update, thanks.

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There is a .22 WRF, and a .22 WMR. WRF is Winchester Rimfire. Bigger than a ,22 Long Rifle, but shorter than a .22 WMR- Winchester Magnum Rimfire. If someone is using the term .22 MRF, it is an inaccurate term.

When was Nitro Hunter 22 cal single shoot rolling bolck rifle made?

I have a nitro hunter rolling block .22 cal, that my grandfather gave to me, it still works, and i have a lot of fun with it, he said he got it in 1909, in Salem Indiana for 17.00 dollars i cant find any information on the gun, but i am still looking

What is the date of Remington 22 cal octagonal barrel rolling block rifle serial number 29630 manufactured in Ilion New York?

Depends greatly on which rolling block, there's to many to specify them all serial/date.