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Belgian-made "parlor rifle." If there is a crown over the oval ELG, it was made in or after 1893. Although a modern .22 short may fit in the chamber, it was probably designed for a "BB Cap", which was loaded with only a primer and no powder. There does not seem to be much collector interest in these, so even in top condition, they will probably sell for less than $200 and if in lower condition probably around $100.

I've heard collectors say that more guns have been ruined by cleaning than by neglect. What they mean is aggressive cleaning. If you attack with steel wool and rust remover, you'll destroy the finish. Treat the wood like fine furniture using something like Murphy's Wood Soap if it is really dirty. Then give it a good coat of boiled linseed oil. If there is active rust on the metal, use gun oil and brass wool to remove it gently. Oil the action and wipe all the metal parts with an oiled rag. Keep the gun oil off of the wood. You should avoid refinishing any collectable gun since serious collectors will prefer a piece with only 50% of the original finish over one that has been reblued and varnished.

If you are looking for information that will help identify the make or model of the rolling block rifle you have, see or books such as Single Shot Rifles and Actions by Frank de Haas or Remington Rolling Block Firearms by Konrad Schreier.

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Q: How do you information on a Rolling Block 22 rimfire?
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