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Your 2 switches will have 3 terminals each. One will be copper colored and two black.

You will require a 12-3 WG wire between the switches.

The Travelers: The black terminals will be connected together one from switch a to switch b and the other from switch a to switch b, it does not matter which black terms you choose to go from switch a to b

The brass terminals one will go to the light switch a and the other to a power source switch b.

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Q: How do you install 3 way switches?
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Why do my 2 switches not work to my one set of connected hall ceiling lights?

I have trouble understanding your question. But I think you are saying that you have two switches that control one light and want to know why it is not working. More than likely is that you have two way switches instead of 3 way switches installed. 3 three switches cost a little more and are a little more difficult to install but if you recently replaced these switches you may have replaced them with the wrong type.

Install two motion activated switches on a 3-way circuit?

Send an e-mail with your request and I'll send you a diagram.

How is one light controlled by three switches?

That is called a 4 way light switch circuit. On each end of the circuit you install a 3way switch and in the middle you install a 4 way switch.Answer using British TerminologyIn the UK, 'three-way' switches are called 'two-way' switches (more logical, if you think about it!), and the 'four-way' switch is called an 'intermediate' switch.

How do you install a three way light switch?

Three-way light switches come with a wiring diagram on the package.

Can you replace two regular 3-way switches with two dimmer switches?


How many switches are used when wiring a 3 way switch?

Two three way switches are used when wiring a three way switch installation.

How many switches are there in electrical?

There are hundreds of type of switches. In residential homes there is basically 4 types of switches used. Single Pole, 3/Way, 4/Way (intermediate), or various types of dimmer switches.

Can spst switches be wired as a 3 way switch?


Can you install a remote control to control two wall switches and a ceiling fan and a table lamp?

Yes. the two switches are called '3-way' switches. You will have to turn the fan/light on with one of the switches and leave BOTH switches in that position. The remote control unit will have to be wired in between the switch that is supplying power to the devices and the devices. This is the simplest way. You could also disable one of the switches and replace the remaining switch with the RC unit. If you are not sure how to deal with 3-way switches, learn about them first, or call a good electrician to do all of the work. Remeber that the black wire is hot, but only if the house was wired properly in the first place.

What is a 3 way wall switch?

A 3 way wall switch is used in a circuit for two switches that can turn a light fixture on or off from two different locations. Both switches must be 3 way switches. For more information see the answers to the Related Questions shown below.

How do you connect two switches in parallel to fan?

You use two 3-way switches. You can find the wiring diagram using Google and look for 3-way switch wiring.

How do you wire 4 lights to 3 Switches?

There is no way to safely 4 lights to 3 switches. You can however complete this process by splitting wires.

How do you tell if you have single pole or 3 way switches?

If a light or set of lights is able to be switched 'on' and 'off' by more than one switch then those switches are 3-way switches. 3-way switches will have 3 screws on the sides for terminating wires as opposed to 2 screws on a regular single pole switch. 3-ways will typically have 2 brass screws and one black screw called the 'common'.

Can 12 volt switches be wired 3 way?


How can you tell if the switch that you have is a 3 way or not?

3 way switches have 3 terminals. A common on and off switch only has 2.

Does a double-pole switch control lights from two locations?

No. A double pole switch would be a switch that switches 2 different loads simultaneously. 3-way switches (and 4-way switches if more than 2 are used) are what are used for controlling a light from multiple locations. While a typical single pole switch simply opens or closes a single contact, a 3-way switch provides a path from a contact point to, let's say, point A or point B. Points A and B from the first 3-way switch are connected to points A and B of the second 3-way switch and then the common contact point of the second switch is connected to your light. When more than 2 switches are desired, you can use any number of 4-way switches between the 3-way switches, but the 3-way switches MUST be on the ends of the circuit.

What are the two conductors that connect 3 way switches together called?

The two wires that travel between two three way switches are called travelers.

Can dimmer switches be used with 3 way switches?

Yes. Instead of sending the hot wire straight from one of the three way switches to the light, put a dimmer switch on the hot wire to control the light.

Can you tie into a 3-way switch at the end of the run and add additional outlets?

If I am reading your question right, you can do this. Just parallel the outlets to the device already switched by the 3-way switches. The outlets will turn off and on by the switches. Watch that you do not overload the switches or the circuit.

Where is the marowak switches in the Pokemon mansion?

In the mansion the marowak switches are on levels 2,and 3.(you are pobaly gonna get attacted along the way.)

Can you install a 3-way switch on a 240V circuit and if so how is it wired?

I believe you'd have to use a standard set of three way switches and a contactor. Tie the 120 volt coil to the three way switches and the 220 volt contactor to the load.Unless your talking about a 277 volt load, then you can use 277 volt switches.Use a relayYou're probably better off trying to wire a separate 3-way switch circuit (at 110 or even 24 vAC) to control a heavy-duty relay that operates the 220-volt device.

If you have a light in your kitchen operated by two different switches is it right that you should still get a power reading when the switches are off?

Yes, because the light is using 3-way switches. There is always "power" travelling between the switches.

How do you hook up a ceiling fan with two 3 way switches?

You need a wire that u can link to 3 ways then link them to 3 light switches anywhere in your house the farther the more.

What is single pole two way switch?

It is a switch that disconnects one wire from one other wire, with a handle that is in one of two positions (i.e., on or off). There are also 3-position switches (not to be confused with "3-way" switches that only have two positions), push-button switches, twist or chain-pull switches, etc, all for a single pole.

What type switches and how many of each would be need to control a light from 4 places?

You will need two 3/way switches and two 4/way (Intermediate) switches. Click the link to see a video of exactly how to wire such a circuit.