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You can't install without software and I did post a link for you to go to and download your software. Make sure that is the correct printer X75 they have different models but it sounds like yours is a X75 all in one. The link I posted is from Lexmark site so you should be good to go by just downloading the drivers and software and install. Just click on the operating system you have and the download process should begin.

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โˆ™ 2007-06-24 04:44:22
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Q: How do you install a Lexmark X75 without software?
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Yes, the Lexmark X75 is Mac compatible.

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The following can use this type of cartridge: Lexmark Z13, Z23el, Z24, Z25, Z25l, Z331, Z34, Z35, Colour Jetprinter, i32, all in one X72, X74, X75, Lexmark colour Z515, Z600 series, all in one X1100 series, X2200 series, X1200 series.

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