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power cable goes from battery to cap + terminal. separate power cable from cap + terminal to the amp. make sure the amp and cap are grounded.

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Q: How do you install a car audio capacitor?
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Where can one learn how to install a car capacitor?

There are many ways one could gain the knowledge to be able to install a car audio capacitor. One could go to college, or university and study electronics. One could get advice from a friend or a book on the subject.

Can a capacitor be use for a cars headlight?

No..... Only for car audio...

What are the steps behind installing a car audio capacitor?

First, the capacitor must be charged. Use a voltmeter, and when it reaches 12 volts, the capacitor is charged. The capacitor should then be installed near the car audio amplifier. Keep the negative wire attached to the battery. Then, a ground wire from the negative post on the capacitor to the car's chassis on the chassis's bare metal ground point. Next, the power wire needs to be disconnected from the amplifier's power input. Connect the wire to the positive post on the capacitor. A new power wire needs to be connected from the capacitor's positive post to the amplifier's power input. Install a 16 gauge wire from the capacitor's remote turn-on post to the amplifier's remote input. Then disconnect the negative wire from the battery.

My car has audio out at DVD speakers but you could not get audio out from car speakers?

you need to buy and install an rf adaptor

What would be the physical size of a 1 farad capacitor?

When used in car audio applications, a 1 farad capacitor is usually about 6" long and about 2.5-3" in diameter.

Where can instructions be found to install car audio subwoofers?

The instructions to install a car audio subwoofer can be found in the manual or the easy way is online. Online you will able to find the information related to the situation.

Who can install car audio systems?

There are several options you may choose from when selecting a retailer to install an audio system in your car. Best Buy's Geek Squad is one such option. Pep Boys service centers also provide audio installation services. If you or a friend is good with cars, you could install the audio system on your own by following a guide found online or in the manual for your specific car.

How does one become a car audio installer?

You can become a car audio installer by graduating from a technical school that offers courses in the field. Keep in mind that you will have to pass the MECP exam to install car audio systems.

How would one setup a car audio DVD?

The best way to set up a car audio DVD is have a professional technician install it for you. If you want to install it yourself, you can find instructional videos online at YouTube.

How do I install Boss Audio amplifiers in my car?

I would hire a technician to help you install it. Most auto repair places can install them for a low price.

How do you get the best out of your car audio system?

Install a subwoofer, amp, aftermarket speakers, and a head unit. Possibly, the easiest way to get the best out of your car audio system is to upgrade the speakers.

What servicemen are best to contact when needing a car audio installation?

The best ones believe it or not are mechanics because they know everything about cars. If they can fix a car, they can install audio into one. And they would be good at it.