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drain coolant from radiator, remove one of the frost plugs in engine block, install block heater in place of frost plug, refill radiator with coolant.

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Q: How do you install block heater 2005 Chevrolet optra?
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Where is the block heater cord on 2007 Chevy optra?

The block heater cord is on the Engine Block Heater on the 2007 Chevy Optra.

How do you install turbo in a Chevrolet Optra?

You sell optra, then buy camaro.

What is better Chevrolet optra or aveo?


What brand of care is the optra?

I'm not sure what brand of care it is. But if you are asking what brand of car, it is a Chevrolet Optra.

Does the Chevrolet optra estate have a timing belt?


What is the make of the radio in a 2006 Chevrolet Optra Ls?

It is Blaupunkt.

Which Chevrolet won TNS Voice of the Customer award?

Optra Magnum

Which Engine oil No. can use for Chevrolet Optra -Petrol?

15 W 40

Which Chevrolet car was awarded as one of the most powerful brands of 2005-06 by 4P's magazine?


Which Chevrolet car has been awarded as one of the most powerful brands of 2005-06 by 4P's magazine?


Est ce que un moteur Chevrolet optra peut etre Monte sur une daweoo laganza?


What causes oil to oil the spark plugs in Chevrolet optra car?

This is often a cracked head gasket between oil passage and a cylinder.

What is the equivalent to a 2011 Chevy Optra Advance in the US?

This car is built on the GM Delta 2 platform and is called the Chevrolet Cruze in the United States.

Which Car models start with o?

Octavia (Skoda), Odyssey (Honda), Oldsmobile, Omega (Oldsmobile), Omni (Honda), Onix (Chevrolet), Opa (Toyota), Opel, Optra (Chevrolet), Origin (Toyota) and Orion (Ford) are cars.

Why your oil pump light blinked constantly in Chevrolet optra 2009 can anybody answer you please?

SOunds like fluctuating oil pressure-check level first

Which is better brine optra or supra lacrosse shafts?

brine optra

How do you reset the radio code in a Chevrolet optra after replacing the battery?

There should be a white card with a radio code on it near your owner's manual. If it is not there, you must call the GM dealer and ask for the code.

How do you change a wheel hub on a Chevrolet optra?

Remove the rear wheel, then the wheel hub should be on four bolts. Remove the bolts and remove the hub. Very easy job.

Chevrolet optra automatic transmission fluid level check?

I hear that for Optra's there is no way to check the transmission fluid level, other than to actually remove the transmission fluid cover under the vehicle. Your best bet is to just replace the transmission fluid level at a certain interval (GM says 160,000km), but I would go for more often .

How do you check transmission level in 2005 optra?

How to put transmission oil in a chevrlet optra transmission 2005

2004 Chevrolet optra and I'm looking for a place to find the radio code?

It would be on a plastic card (like a credit card) in your glove box with your owner's manual. If it is not there, then you must call a GM dealer

How do you change a heater core in a Chevrolet optra?

First take the dash out. Little more complicated as there is a hidden screw up in behind dash new radio console. Once you have taken out all the screw and bolts you will need to grab the center air duct from inside dash and push it up to bypass heater compartment. Then the dash should come out. You will also have to remove the metal tubular bar that runs across from left to right. From there you will need to remove all the bolts in the engine compartment and disconnect the hoses. From there you will need to slip the heater core compartment away from the fan compartment. A little play time and you will have the heater core compartment out. Take the unit apart and you should be good.

What do you know about optra?


A car that starts with an O?

Oldsmobile Optra

What is the spark plug gap for a 2004 Chevy optra 2.0?

the sparkplug gap on an 04 chevy optra is 0.032 Jeff

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Where is the block heater cord on 2007 Chevy optra?

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