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Follow the insturctions that will come with the lights.

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Q: How do you install fog lights on a 2001 Daewoo Lanos Sport?
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What is the proper firing order for a 2001 Daewoo Lanos Sport?

The firing order on a 2001 Daewoo Lanos Sport is 1, 3, 4, 2. The number one cylinder is on the left side when viewed from the front of the vehicle.

How can you find out if my 2002 Daewoo Lanos is a sport model?

The lanos sport is the only one with a body kit and red/black interior, power windows. oh. and the 1.6Ltr DOHC enigine under the hood. standard lanos only has a 1.5Ltr SOHC

Citroen xantia warning lights?

snow and sport lights

Is there a way to keep the factory fog lights on while the high beams are on 1999 ZX2 sport?

you can install a relay or rewire to a switched FUSED 12v source such as your parking lights they will come on when ever the parking lights are on i did the 2nd option worked great probe the wires to the back of the parking lights find the one that only carries current when switch is on

How much does it cost to install a sport court?

About $175,500 dollars

Why don't the tail lights on my 1999 Subaru Outback Sport work but the brake lights which use the same bulb do?

It may be a fuse.

Citroen xantia sport and snow lights?

on the auto. buttons are to left of gearlever, lights are on dash next to auto gearbox panel

What amp fuse operates stop lights on 1995 Dodge Dakota Sport?

stop lights is 10amp fuse number 7

If you have no brake lights on 2001 ford sport explorer?

is that even a full question?

Can i put in fog lights on a 2003 jeep liberty sport v6 if yes how?

Yes you can. Your options are, 1. Go to local Jeep dealer and order a set of factory fog lights they will install them but will cost $200-$500 (depends on dealer). 2. Buy a set of aftermarket fog lights from autozone, advanced auto parts,, or I'd recommend mounting them on top of bumper 1"+ in from headlights, you can pay anywheres from $20 - $1,000 depending on what you get, install will take 1 - 3hrs depending on your automotive skill level.

How do you install belt tensioner on 1998 ford explorer sport?

belt tensioner fell off this morning.I need to know how to install new one.

Will a 1996 window regulator for a Jeep Cherokee sport fit a 1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

yeah it will just make sure u install it right

Things in the house that start with the letter n?

Napkins, nite lights, nike sport stuff

How do you turn on fog lights 2005 sport trac?

I believe you pull the headlight switch towards you

I have a 1997 ford escort sport When i turn on the head lights all interior lights go out?

How's your battery, is the car starting properly. Maybe the battery or alternator.

99 jeep Cherokee sport why do parking lights stay on after lights are turned off?

The switch is probably bad or you aren't turning the knob all the way off.

Did a 68 Camaro ss have hidden headlight grille?

No, the 68 Camaro RS (Rally Sport) had hideaway lights. You could get an SS RS which would have the hideaway lights.

Where is the flasher relay in a montero sport My emergency lights work but my turning signals are not functioning.?

In the Montero Sport , there is no relay. The flasher is located on the left dash by the junction block.

What is the head light number on a 05 sport trac?

According to the 2005 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Owner Guide : ( the head lights take bulb # 9007 )

When I turn my lights on at night my Dash board lights do night come on in my 1992 Jeep Cherokee sport what do I do?

Check fuse for tail and parking lights Could be a bad dimming rheostat Could be a bad headlight switch

What size tire does the Mitsubishi montero sport require?

"The mitsubishi montero sport requires 255/70R16. To get these, it is best to contact a licensed authorized dealer which can purchase them and install them for you."

What are the electrical problems of the Mitsubishi montero sport?

rear indcater lights very dim but ok when hazzards are on

Who can help me my Blinkers and brake lights out on your 2000 ford explorer sport and cant find owners manual need help?

take it to a mechanic I dont wanna "break lights"

How do you turn on fog- lights on explorer sport?

Check in the center stack of the dash , just to the right of the radio I believe there is a push button to turn the fog lights on and off

Where is the switch to turn on the fog lights for a 2001 dodge grand caravan sport?

If it is equipped with fog lights, you turn them on by pulling the headlight switch out one notch after turning the headlights on.