How do you install solar panels on a roof?

First Process of installing solar panels onto the roof is determining which direction you are going to place the panels, this is important as it will effect how much energy they produce. South being the best then west then east. (reverse if you're in southern hemisphere).

After locating the roof face you want to mark the area you will install the panels, and locate the rafters marking where they are(if tile S tiles remove tiles). Then mark where you will put your stand-offs, generally every 4' to 6', depending on your racking. Then install your stand-offs and racking.

After racking is in place you can lay your solar panels, and clamp them down with clips or how ever the racking system you purchased them recommends(read racking manual as there are many types of racking systems). Once this is done you will need to put grounding nuts on each of the solar panels.

Run your EMT and wiring to a junction box, from there to the AC disconnect(if required) to Inverter to DC disconnect(if required) then into the service panel. Recommend visiting local electric company to see require regulations to back feed onto the grid.