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Q: How do you jailbreak with Cydia when the free button doesn't pop up?
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How do you get free apps with jailbreak?

Hi! When you jailbreak your iPhone you get a program called Cydia. If u used Cydia then from Cydia u can download Installous and it will let u get free cracked apps

What to download from cydia?

from cydia you download apps songs movies for free but you must have a jail broken device it downloads with the jailbreak

Do you have to jail break your iPod touch 2nd generation to download cydia?

Yes. Cydia is automatically downloaded for free with your jailbreak

How do you download movies on an ipod touch for free?

You have to jailbreak your iPod and get a certain package off cydia

Are there any cheats to get free brains in zombie farm?

If you have a jailbreak device you can install cydia and hack it by Ifile

How do you get free Wi Fi on a Ipod touch anywhere?

If you have your own WiFi or if its jailbreak you can download mywi cracked from cydia

How do you download games for your ipod for free?

you have to jailbreak your ipod (at your own risk). then you go on cydia and download installus then you could download games for free.

If you jailbreak your ipod touch what apps from cydia will allow full free movie downloads?

Depends on what firmware. But Applications that supply free movies are MovieBox and PlayBox

How can you get free songs on your ipod touch?

Jailbreak (at your own risk), and use the 'Cydia' app ('Rock' works too), and download the 'dTunes' app.

What can you do after you jailbreak your ipod touch?

it depends on what model you have, but mainly you can get things like installous that allows you to get free apps that you would usually pay for and you are allowed to get many more things off of cydia (which comes with the jailbreak).

Where can you get installous?

You can get installous by jailbreaking your idevice. After you jailbroken, your idevice will be already install Cydia app. Check youtube videos how to jailbreak. Then search sources to add to cydia, then you will be able to download Installous form cydia. Enjoy downloading apps for free CHEATER. Just kidding.

What app legally let's you get paid apps for free?

in Australia Jailbreaking is NOT illegal so i suggest you jailbreak your IOS device with redsn0w and then go into cydia on your IOS device when jailbreak is done and search Installous then your done