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Every site has its very own process for how to join, but most have at least the same basic steps at the core of the process.Be sure to fully read the instructions provided at arole playing site before signing up or creating your first character.

1.) Decide if you really wish to join this website. Read some RP, see what their take on the world is, and just familiarize yourself with the place.

2.) (If Required) Create an accounton the website.

3.) Read the character creation guidelines (even if you have already read them once, review them before starting creation)

4.) Create a character in accordance with the rules.

5.) (If approval if required on the site you're at, and remember that most games DO require approval forcharacters) Wait for the site staff to review your character and approve it. You may have to make changed before the character gets approved.

Remember that every site is different, so you might have to adapt this process to the specific rules of a website.

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Is there a warrior cats roleplay site that doesn't have a lot of members?

Check out the Warrior Cats Roleplay Wiki. Not to many, not to little.

Is there a good warrior cats role playing site where its easy to join a Clan?

im marapets, and neopets there are guilds (clubs for marapets) that you can roleplay at. im in a great one!

What are the best warrior cats role-play websites?

If you go on the original warrior cats site, they have a section dedicated to roleplays...i think. You can roleplay there. owo

What warrior cats roleplay site has the most members?

the most members I've seen on a site is 1082 which is on warrior kittiez. Go to related links to see the URL Warrior Cats RPG has 7436 members currently.

What are some active warrior cat roleplay sites not from freewebs?

cats of the clans roleplay mis AWESOME! The War Of 2 Clans is VERY VERY active but low in numbers :) Feel free to join and look for ThunderStar(me) for i will help you around till you are used to the site if you join :) Or, if you wish to check out an alternative that is hardly even close to a freeweb or free anything site, check out Coloholics Anonymous.

Is there a good warrior cats rp site?

Sorry to answer so super late! Yes, there are plenty of warrior cat's rp sites! You can look up: Top 50 Warrior Cats RPgs, Or You can try a site with roleplay forums. I usually rp on Chicken Smoothie. (CS.) They have great forums for roleplaying.

Where is a good warrior cat role play site?

Please see the Related Links to find the URL for a warrior cat roleplay site.

What is the Russian warrior cats site?

There is only one warrior cats site which is for all countries.

Were can you you make a warrior clan online?

you can go onto a roleplay site or make one.

What is the deep secret for Warrior Long Shadows by Erin Hunter?

That Squirrelflight is not Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf's mother. Their real mother is Leafpool, and father is Crowfeather. Also please join my warrior cats role-play site! It is Please join we need more members and this site is really cool!

Is there a warrior cats site like horseisle?

It is called

Are there warrior cats hunting games?

Yes, you can see them at the site below.

What are some good cat games online?

Well if you wanna play Warrior Cat games, Just seach Warrior Cats Role Play. Its a very Chat friendly site, also fun! This site is for ages 7-12. I am not into Warrior Cats, but still enjoy this site! :) Hope this Helps!

What are some active warriors roleplay sites?

Warriors RPG is a fun, active role playing site. It has many members and is updated almost daily. It's a very realistic role play, based off the real warrior code and warrior ways. There are four clans, a tribe, and monthly gatherings. You can start as a kit and work your way up to a warrior with mentors and training sessions.The Warrior Plain is a great RP Warrior site. It's active and updates daily. There are now I think 16 members. Theres only 4 clans, and it goes by the Warrior Code. There are I think 4 admins running the site.Some REALLY good sites are the following:Cinderpaw With over 900 members, it's a very good and well put together site.Rising Heart Just over 100 members and currently looking for people to play higher positions! GREAT site!Patchstar Just opened up and looking for more people to be leaders, deputys, medcats, etc. Come join today!Warrior Cats: New Blood is a roleplay on Coloholics.

Warrior cat games?

The 're are two games on the oficiall site,(Extras->Games),and others like Warrior Cats Untold Tales (must be downloaded),Warrior Cats Firestar's Legend(wii game),games on Harper Collins Site,and others made by fans;

What sites have warriors videos on it?

Youtube is an obvious choice for watching warrior cat videos. If you search long enough there may be some good ones. Here are some keywords you may try using when you search: Warrior cats animation warrior cats trailer warrior cats video warrior cats video draw warrior cats books

Is the warrior movie animated?

If you mean warrior cats, then no, as no movie has been in production. The Erins have comfirmed it on the official site; there are no plans for one.

What is the best site to find warrior cats pictures?

This might not be the answer that you are looking for, but if you go to Google images and type in warrior cats there are tons of pages of really great fan made pictures.

What is a sample roleplay on enchanted hogwarts?

A sample roleplay on any RPG site is just asking for you to provide a sample of your previous roleplay, so they know your skills.

How do you join warrior cats role play?

You can join many different Warriors Roleplays! >.< Here is one that I like the most: The most popular Role Playing site is : They have over 6000 members <3

Where can you read warriors cats books online?

You can't exactly READ them online. But, there is a website where you can discuss warrior cats, role play warrior cats, and much more. It is the official website: Or, to play warrior games, learn about the cats, take quizzes and such check out this site: :) Hope that helped

Can you play warriors cats online?

Yes, you can. There are several roleplay sites based on Warriors, including one by Erin Hunter. There is also an official site by Erin Hunter with two different quests and quizzes. Also, you can play quizzes to find out what your warrior name is or your clan and things like that. You can also go on sites and roleplay Warriors. There are various different ways they are set up. i will list a few here: Warriors: New Power Warrior Cats RPG Clans of Twilight: Dog vs Cat RPG Links are below. I own one but the other two sites are also great and I recommend them.

Wwwwarriorkittiezwebscom is a super cool warrior cat role-play site Anyone who wants to join can as long as you know about the warrior cat books by Erin Hunter This is a kid's site Please join?

Well, I already play on a bery popular roleplaying site, so no thanks. And please no advertising, thank you! :)

Where can you find pictures of warrior cats deaths?! it's an awsome site where you can find a bunch of warrior cat deaths and many other warrior stuff and pictures (some are really good!) ;)

Are there any online warrior cat games?

Yeah!! There is the hunting game, the new prophecy game and the adventure game those are the ones from the main site made by the erins themself but there is roleplay websites it that is what your talking about.