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How do you join a warrior cats roleplay site?


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Every site has its very own process for how to join, but most have at least the same basic steps at the core of the process.Be sure to fully read the instructions provided at arole playing site before signing up or creating your first character.

1.) Decide if you really wish to join this website. Read some RP, see what their take on the world is, and just familiarize yourself with the place.

2.) (If Required) Create an accounton the website.

3.) Read the character creation guidelines (even if you have already read them once, review them before starting creation)

4.) Create a character in accordance with the rules.

5.) (If approval if required on the site you're at, and remember that most games DO require approval forcharacters) Wait for the site staff to review your character and approve it. You may have to make changed before the character gets approved.

Remember that every site is different, so you might have to adapt this process to the specific rules of a website.