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At the la Masia academy you must be about six years old or so, you must be very good as they take only the cream of youngsters , some come from other countries like Lionel Messi from Argentina.And the training is hard .From over 300 kids only a few will make it to the top.

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Q: How do you join la masia academy?
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What is the best youth academy in the world?

La Masia

What is the team of christian tello before Barcelona?

Technically, he did not play for a professional team other than Barca. This is because he came from the Youth Academy; La Masia. He does play for Barcelona B also.

When did messi play for Barcelona professionally?

Lionel Messi is from Rosario Santafe in Argentina. He joined Barcelona at 12 or 13 years of age, atBarcelonas famous academy The La Masia.

What actors and actresses appeared in La Masia - 2012?

The cast of La Masia - 2012 includes: Lourdes Barbens as Sara Pepe Caldelas as Pepe Violeta Camarasa as Vanesa Eric Monteagudo as Organizador Ester Serrano as Ester

Where you could you go to school in soccer?

A youth academy. Barcelona's "La Masia" youth academy is well known for their youth players. They have taught, raised, and produced some famous players such as Lionel Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Pedro, Cesc Fabregas, Sergio Bosquets. Talented kids could start as early as 11.

When was Gioia Masia born?

Gioia Masia was born on 1977-01-22.

How do you make it to FC Barcelona?

Haha. A little tough to just "sign-up". Barcelona recruits most of its players from the best clubs of Europe and the World. A large number of its players also graduate into the team from La Masia, their famous youth academy.

How do you join La Masia soccer school in Catalonia Spain?

Here you have to be about 6to 8 years and really very good, as this is the cream of Barcelona youth team, all their great players came from here Messi, xavi, Puyol, Valdes.If you are chosen after tests you will stay in their Chalet called La Massia.

What is the birth name of Octavi Masia?

Octavi Masia's birth name is Octavi Masi Antoli.

What is the motto of La Salle Academy?

The motto of La Salle Academy is 'We Are La Salle'.

What school did Lionel messi go to?

I doubt if he went to a school, as he was playing for an Argentinian club. When he was young and at 12 years he joined Barcelona. But Barcelona could have sent him to school at their famous La Masia academy.

When was La Salle Academy created?

La Salle Academy was created in 1848.