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At 1805 AD, you can climb the tree by jumping on the tent in the camp.

At 1877 AD, you can reach the roof using the tree at the right side. Go to the far left and start the early motorcar (press the button on the back). It will drive across to the right and stop under the tree.

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  1. you can't there is just no possible way to maybe move a few things but you just can't
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Q: How do you jump higher on time tangled island?
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How do you get past the snakes on Time Tangled Island?

Jump over them.

How do you get past the water on time tangled island?

Jump on the rocks.

Where is your sky home in time tangled island?

Go to the right and Get in the levitation things. then get on the train and jump on the higher train. Let the train take you to the left and then jump on the platform. The platform will raise up and stop. Jump to the left and go in the tube. The island Medallion is with the old guy in your house.

Where in the is the oracle on Time tangled Island?

The oracle is in the building on the hill on Time Tangled Island.

How do you get on top of Leo's workshop on Time Tangled Island?

To enter the workshop, jump over the gap in the wooden bridge and climb on each of the two smaller platforms. From the higher one you can jump to the workshop. (Note there is no way to actually get on "top" of the Workshop.)

Where is the phonoghraph on time tangled island?

First of all go to the age of the golden vase and jump on the statue then jump to the roof of the place where you put the vase {jump to the left when your on the statue}

Where is the winged horse on Time tangled island?

There are no horses, winged or otherwise, on Time Tangled Island.

Is there a guy from time tangled island on shark tooth island?

There were characters from Time Tangled Island on several islands during the promotional period for the island. When Time Tangled was released (2008), the characters were removed.

Where is all the stuff on time tangled island?

There are no more secret items on time tangled island, but if you are talking about winning the whole island, go onto youtube and type 'poptopica time tangled island.'

When did Time Tangled Island come out on Poptropica?

Time Tangled Island, the third island of Poptropica, was released in July 2008.

Where is the telephone on time tangled island?

There isn't a phone on Poptropica's Time Tangled Island. There is a cell phone on Nabooti Island.

What year was time tangled island on poptropica?

Time Tangled Island was the 3rd island in Poptropica and debuted in 2007, and was originally called Time Twisted Island.