How do you keep Rhino beetles as pets?

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June 26, 2011 8:35PM


1. get 2 pairs of imagoes of rhino beetle

2. get 5 containers to rear them

3. get a water sprayer

4. mix decaying wood, decaying leaves and soil and fill half of each container with it

5. put twigs in it this helps them to climb when they fall

6. keep each of them in separate container ,5th container is for breeding

7. get some food such as apple, banana, insect jelly, honey, tree sap

8. feeding them sugar from sugarcane makes them larger and stronger.

9. spray water in the containers don't make them wet just make them moisturized

steps 10,11,12 are for breeding

10. at breeding time feed the female with proten rich food you can pour some yogurt to the insect jelly

11. get some wood that is decaying with fungus in the 5th container

12. put one pair in the 5th container if they are fighting try another pair if female starts digging hole in wood put male in another container do not disturb the 5th container for 2 days after the female stops digging holes in it remove the female from the container and pour the mixture of decaying wood, decaying leaves and soil and spray water on it as u do with other containers, larvae may take 1to 3 years to grow