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How do you keep a baby raccoon as a pet?


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In most states it is illegal to keep a raccoon or any wild animal as a pet. Baby raccoons can be sweet and cuddly when quite young but once they are adolescents or adults they can be a handful and are unpredictable. They can also transmit some really nasty and usually fatal diseases to humans. Best stick with a domestic dog or cat.

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You can't, because when they grow up to be adult raccoons, they are aggressive and vicious and it can give you diseases.

They are wrong OK. You can the raccoon is just like a baby kitten or dog.

It all depends on how YOU raise it. Yes they will grow up, but if you have raised them right and they are well handled, they wont do that. Trust me, I've had two since they were babies. Now getting one that's a whole different story, mine were wild but not any more. I found them in my attic, the mother had died getting stuck. You may need a permit or so, but I think you can do it. Remember please that it depends on how you treat and raise the raccoon.

Why on earth would you try to keep a raccoon as a pet?