How do you keep a baby raccoon as a pet?

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In most states it is illegal to keep a raccoon or any wild animal as a pet. Baby raccoons can be sweet and cuddly when quite young but once they are adolescents or adults they can be a handful and are unpredictable. They can also transmit some really nasty and usually fatal diseases to humans. Best stick with a domestic dog or cat.
You can't, because when they grow up to be adult raccoons, they are aggressive and vicious and it can give you diseases.

They are wrong OK. You can the raccoon is just like a baby kitten or dog.
It all depends on how YOU raise it. Yes they will grow up, but if you have raised them right and they are well handled, they wont do that. Trust me, I've had two since they were babies. Now getting one that's a whole different story, mine were wild but not any more. I found them in my attic, the mother had died getting stuck. You may need a permit or so, but I think you can do it. Remember please that it depends on how you treat and raise the raccoon.

Why on earth would you try to keep a raccoon as a pet?
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Do raccoons make good pets?

Definitely not. Raccoons are meant to be wild animals. Read Rascal by Sterling North If your considering a racoon as a pet check with your local and state agenbcies to be sure it is not illegal to own one. Racoons live 10-15 years and can be vaccinated against disease. Racoons are prone to bit ( Full Answer )

What president had a pet raccoon?

President Calvin Coolidge ,who served 1923-1929, kept two pet raccoons in the White House that he would walk or carry around the grounds. His wife, Grace, may have been the actual owner of the raccoons. Their names were reported to be Rebecca and Horace.

Can raccoons be kept as pets?

Raccoons should not be kept as pets. Raccoons are wild animals,they can bite you and give you rabies.

Is a raccoon a good pet?

Raccoons are great pets . They take alot of time. If you have the time and the space there the best pet you can own .

Can you have a pet raccoon?

Yes but DO NOT try to take in a full grown raccoon or a baby with a mother! Only young orphaned raccoons! I know someone who has a raccoon and it's best to let them free when they start getting into things and try to let them go far away when you know they can live on thier own outside. Remember rac ( Full Answer )

Can you keep a raccoon as a pet?

You can... but the majority of people would not want to because of: A: rabies B: They are nocturnal and C: They rarely make contact with humans, and you wouldn't have a good relationship with it. Actually, only some states will allow raccoons as pets, most not at all, & the ones that do ( Full Answer )

How do raccoons have babies?

Raccoons usually breed from December through March. Gestation istypically around 63 days, and the babies are usually born in Aprilor May. The mother can give birth to 2 to 5 kits.

When do raccoons have babies?

Raccoons breed in the month of January and sometimes even as lateas May or June. The time of year that they have their babies candepend on what region of the country that they live in. Theirgestation period is about 60-64 days.

Are there pet raccoons?

Some keep them as pets, but they are wild animals, and cannot be completely trusted, and it is illegal in most states.

Is a pet raccoon a good idea?

No, i disagree with you. A pet raccoon is not a good idea. They could have rabies and if it bites you, you would have to have shots. Plus another reason is because a raccoon can get into cabnets and fridges and eat all your food AND it can destroy your house, it will tear anything up. AND it is Ille ( Full Answer )

Is it Illegal to have a pet raccoon in Oklahoma?

OKLA. STAT. Tit. 29, §4-107 - Commercial wildlife breeder's license. A. Except as otherwise provided for in this title, no person may breed, possess or raise native wildlife, except fish, amphibians, aquatic reptiles, aquatic invertebrates or exotic livestock, for commercial purposes without hav ( Full Answer )

Can a pet raccoon carry rabies?

Yes a pet raccoon can contract rabies, but only if it has not been vaccinated against the virus, and comes in contact with another animal that is carrying the virus. Raccoons and other rabies vector species are not just born with rabies, they must be infected by another animals, the same as a regula ( Full Answer )

Should people have raccoons as pets?

They should never have them as pets. Raccoons are wild animals and they can easily hurt you unexpectedly. The answer would definitely be a NO!

Are raccoons legal to have as pets in Ohio?

It is Legal to posses a raccoon in the state of Ohio without apermit. It has to be vet checked and have a certificate to show itis disease free. You cannot bring a raccoon into the state of Ohioif you do not have a Certificate from a Licensed Vet.

Can raccoons or baby raccoons survive distemper?

It is possible, but in order to survive, the raccoon must have an extremely strong nerveous system. So most babies, or elderly coons, would not survive it. There is no known cure for distemper, so even if a raccoon with distemper was captured, the only thing that could be treated, was the symptoms a ( Full Answer )

What states is it legal to have a pet raccoon?

I live in PA, and here it is legal to own raccoons here, as long as they have been purchased within the state, and are purchased from a USDA approved, and Game Commission licensed propagator. Your permit to own is the receipt from your purchase. This is the only way to legally own one, if taken from ( Full Answer )

Can you keep baby blue tits as pets?

The laws may vary from state to state, or country to country. They physically are able to be kept in captivity, and are by some zoos and aviaries.

Is it illegal to have a pet raccoon in Tennessee?

Yes, it is surprisingly although very illegal in Tennessee and many other states as well. If you are caught housing a raccoon, by law officials are allowed to confiscate and euthanize the animal. Raccoons are viewed as "wildlife" in Tennessee which is the reason behind this law, although many raccoo ( Full Answer )

Is a baby raccoon a good pet?

Probably not; raccoons may be gentle when young but they can grow up to be quite wild and not very suitable for life in captivity as a pet. More Info NO. They are wild animals and have very big teeth and claws. They are aggressive and don't get any better as they age. Raccoons also carry a paras ( Full Answer )

Where can you get a pet raccoon?

There are several good breeders in the USA and Canada but in general a coatimundi is Mutch easy to deal with , if you are insistant on a coon get a male , both are vary intelligent and if you plan on getting it and forgeting it don't

Where can you get a baby raccoon?

You might try a wild animal rescue shelter. However, you would need to first check what the laws are for your state/area. Some states will under NO circumstances allow you to own wildlife in a private setting. If your state does allow, then you should check for a reputable breeder. I live in PA, ( Full Answer )

Can you keep a wild baby rabbit as a pet?

If you are going to attempt to raise a wild rabbit, you should know that they only have a 10% chance of survival with you, and even in shelters their chances of survival are 37%. They are the hardest animal babies to rear to adulthood. In my opinion, I think the chances of death are way too high, so ( Full Answer )

Can you keep baby rabbits as pets?

Yes, domestic rabbits can be pets but if you got that kit from the wild, you need a special permit to own one.

Is it legal to have a pet raccoon in Pennsylvania?

I have been told by my veterinarian that it is illegal to have a pet raccoon in PA. I also live in PA and have a baby raccoon that comes around every night to eat. If it is discovered that you have one, the DEC will come, take the animal and kill it to test for rabies. I think this is a stupid law a ( Full Answer )

When you get a baby raccoon when do you let a dog with a raccoon?

When they both are baby animals. They can be together >:P Depending on your dog, you can introduce them as soon as your sure the raccoon isn't sick. Raccoons can carry round worm, canine distemper, or rabies. Quarantine it from other pets for a while, and have it checked by a vet. Once you get a c ( Full Answer )

Is legal to to have a pet raccoon in Illnois?

Yes, however, you MUST name it "Fred" and have it neutered. Also, you are encouraged to paint a white stripe down its back , so people think it's only a skunk. Just kidding. No, it's not only not legal, it's not smart. Racoons are wild animals, they often carry rabies, and will bite the hell out o ( Full Answer )

Can you have a pet Japanese Raccoon Dog?

Raccoon Dogs have been banned from the US for many years as an 'injurious species' Even zoos have to have a special permit to display them. They are VERY adaptable, and it is feared that they would be an agricultural pest if they ever escaped and started breeding.

What if you find a baby bunny and you want to keep it as a pet?

best thing to do is put a flyer up on nearest lampost to where found and if noone has claimed the bunny in 2 weeks, take to vet see if he/she is chipped and if not keep it! You've done everything you can so why not give it a good home.

How do people manage to keep baby tigers as a pet?

They should not keep baby tigers at all. This is a wild animal and will never be tame like the domestic dog. People sort of "manage to keep baby tigers as pets" because there are unscrupulous individuals out there who claim to be professional breeders of large cats and justify selling them to the ( Full Answer )

How do you keep wild baby turtles as pets?

First, you need to buy a tank.(5.5-10 gallon tanks are usually the best for babies) Then you need to buy some food. I'd suggest freeze dried krill, or floating hatch-ling pellets. Then you need some tank accessories, because of course you can't just put a baby turtle in a tank full of water, it woul ( Full Answer )

How can you keep raccoons out of your flower pots?

TRY MOTH BALLS 1 - 2 ft apart or less as a boarder along flower beds, or a couple inches apart in flower pots. I've had the BEST LUCK WITH THESE. RE-APPLY after they melt from the rain. Do this for about 2 months. That'll get you through their season. They do smell but they worked the best for ( Full Answer )

Can you keep a raccoon dog as a pet?

Yes (see related link), however, they are very difficult to train, and they are not affectionate, and dislike being held.

Is it illegal to keep bush babies as pets?

It depends on where you live. In the U.S., some states permit it. However, most people who get them as pets usually abandon them because they track their urine everywhere (by urinating on their hands and feet).

What do pet raccoon dogs eat?

Raccoon dogs are omnivores which feed on insects, mouse-like rodents, amphibians, birds, fish, reptiles, molluscs, carrion and insectivores. Among the rodents targeted by raccoon dogs,voles seem to predominate in swampy areas, but are replaced with gerbils in flatland areas such as Astrakhan. Frogs ( Full Answer )

Can you keep a raccoon?

NO you cant keep a raccoon because they have rabies and they will bite YOU SO KEEP OUT DONT TOUCH A RACCOON OR THEY WILL BITE YOU.I saw a RACCOON ON THE SIDEWALK.

Is it legal to keep a raccoon in Kentucky?

No, it's illegal to cage, pen up or domesticate wildlife in Kentucky, although there are exceptions which would require a license or permit.