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Well, first of all you need to know if it is a baby or not! If you bring it home or keep it in your garden and then the next day you find out it's turned into a butterfly than there was no point! DON'T put it in a box that has a lid because the caterpillar wouldn't like it. Try and make it feel comfortable as if it was in it's actual habitat.

Hope this helps! If it doesn't than sorry.

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Can you keep a caterpillar as a pet?

yes but for 1 to 3 moths

What kind of caterpillar is this green and black caterpillar?

Well, one time I kept a caterpillar as my pet. It was green and black. It may be a Forest Tent Caterpillar.

Where and how do you keep a caterpillar?

if you want to keep a caterpillar it is probably best that you keep it out side so it always has fresh air if you have no caterpillar food you can feed it pumpkin but i sagest you let it go. never keep a caterpillar in a jar it may suffocate and die. if you want my opinion do not keep a Caterpillar or butterfly you do not want to destroy there natural habitat and stop them from matting or repraducing

What kind of caterpillar is this?

To figure out what kind of caterpillar you have, you can take it to a pet shop. If it is a green caterpillar, it is likely a tree caterpillar. It's best to leave them alone so they can turn into butterflies.

What is a good name for a pet caterpillar?


What does the Caterpillar keep asking Alice?

"Whom are you?" the caterpillar asks Alice.

What webkinz is pet of the month in march 2011?

Webkinz Caterpillar

What is a black caterpillar with orange stripes and horns?

my pet Jim.

How do you keep your pet caterpillar alive?

look what kind it is on the computer. then, set up a cage for it and put leaves in it. make sure you look up which kind of leaves it eats.

What is the webkinz pet of the month in march 2011?

The Caterpillar (regular size) :D

What if You are looking after a caterpillar in a jar do you keep them in at night?

If you want to. I keep mine inside.

Can you keep a inch worm as a pet?

Yes, you can keep an inchworm as a pet.

Can you keep a caterpiller as a pet?

I advise not to keep a caterpillar as a pet! They die very easily and surprisingly it needs much care. However if you do keep a caterpillar as a pet feed it plenty of fresh green leaves. If you do not notice your caterpillar has not eaten the leaves try a different kind; they do not eat every type of plant. Give it plenty of roaming areas and sticks to climb on. Make sure you are prepared for it to turn into a moth/butterfly! Mist it's housing with water very often [but not enough to drown it ;)] Do not handle it because they can often give away rashes. Make sure you are aware of your caterpillar's needs for it's specific type. I advise you look for it's kind on the Internet and learn about it's specific care needs, although I do not advise one as a pet! You may also lose interest in it very quickly! Hope this helps!

Caterpillar showroom delhi?

Khan Market (no dedicated showroom though but one of the shops keep lots of caterpillar products)

Can you keep a hedgehog as a pet in nz?

yes you can keep a hedgehog as a pet in NZ

What do you need to keep a pet tiger?

It's illegal to keep a pet tiger.

What is a good pet to keep in your room?

A good pet to keep in your room is a rat!

When you hatch a pet on wizard101 do you keep your old pet to?

Yes, you keep your old pet and gain the new hybrid

What pet is easiest to keep?

any pet to keep is a huge responsibility but if you want your first pet u should get a fish

What big bird can you keep as a pet?

I think you can keep a toucan as a pet. A parrot or cockatiel.

Is it legal to keep a venomous snake as a pet?

It is legal to keep a venomous snake as a pet.

Can you keep a spotted turtle as a pet?

I may be illegal to keep one as a pet, if you have gotten it from the wild where you live. But it is usually okay to keep them as pets if you get them from pet shops or breeders.

Can you keep a pet frog?

Yes, you can have a frog as a pet.

When and where can you find a caterpillar?

Look around on the ground. Keep an eye out for anything that moves or just look for the color and appearance of the caterpillar you're looking for.

What bugs can you keep as a pet?

I think the real question is: What bugs would you WANT to keep as a pet...?