Betta and Siamese Fighting Fish

How do you keep fish bowl clear?


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A fish bowl is not a solution its what you keep your goldfish/ beta fish in :P

well i would keep a tetra or a gold fish in a bowl so if you keep a fish in the bowl it should be a small and active fish this means the black tetra if you are a first time fish owner i suggest you buy gold fish which are very easy to care for also i have my own fish which are tetras and if you keep it in a bowl add some decoration so your fish can hide all fish are unique and after all it is your choice.

The cheapest way to keep a goldfish is to keep it in a fish long as the bowl is big enough the fish will be happy there.

You shouldn't keep any type of fish in a bowl. Even the smallest need a tank with correct equipment.

The best candidates are Betta fish and Paradise Gouramis

yes, in order to keep your fish alive, it's best to clean the fish bowl as often as you can.

food and water. I feed mine 6 pellets of food and keep him in 2 gallons of water.Beta fish are actually quite easy to manage. Typically, a beta fish should be fed pellets that are specified for it, it should be given these pellets either once or twice a day. You do not keep your fish in a filtered fish bowl; you can keep it in a regular fish bowl. If you do keep your beta fish in a regular fish bowl, I would suggest cleaning the bowl at least twice a month.

Although it may well be possible to keep one for a short time (1"of fish NEEDS 1 gal of water)I believe it is cruel to keep any fish in a 'fish bowl'. Even a Betta.

Platys can sometimes be kept in a bowl, if the bowl is big enough and in a warm enough area. Generally, though, fish bowls should be banned and not used.

Yes, any small fish can live in a fish bowl, however i do not recommend it. Also keep in mind what type of water this particular puffer fish lives in, freshwater, saltwater. I would suggest a dwarf puffer and a small filter/ heater to keep it healthy. Good luck!

a filter is very good in a fish bowl but at the same time the fish needs some space for it to swim around. the filter will keep the water clean and you will not have to clean the bowl as often as you normally do

Take the mean fish and separate it from the other fish. Keep it in a separate bowl or a small plastic box. If the fish is too violent with the others then keep the fish in the bowl/box until it dies. If these are two bettas you should not even be keeping them together anyway!!! That is the reason they are called fightig fish!!!

You don't. You put it in a pond. Koi grow to over 24". To keep one in a bowl would be terribly CRUEL!

It would be best to keep none in the bowl and buy a fish tank. Goldfish are very dirty fish and need a good sized aquarium with a filter. If you do keep them in a bowl you need to change the water daily.

no. a fish bowl is way way way too small for any fish, let alone a group of tiger barbs and mollies.

To attempt to keep a goldfish in a bowl is not only cruel to the fish it is stupidity on the part of the owner because the fish will not survive in such poor conditions for long.

You should buy a heat lamp and put it on top of the tank, if you have a small fish bowl you should place it somewhere near sunlight.

um....preferably in water, unless you want it to die? a fish tank? or a fish bowl? the sea? or if you wanna eat it, in your mouth

It may be possible to keep 4 small fish in a one gallon fish bowl, depending on the type, size and needs of the fish you choose. It will also depend on whether or not the fish bowl has a filter, and if your fish can live without a heater. For example, because they do not get large, 4 white cloud minnows can be kept in a one gallon bowl with a filter and they do not require a heater. You can also keep a male beta or Siamese fighting fish with a few white cloud minnows; or 2 small goldfish which can grow too large or the bowl.

My fish bowl is 2 liters.

in my experience it depends on how big they are it depends on how big the tank and the fish are on how many you can have in the tank or bowl

Bettas (chinese fighting fish) are very easy to care for. Feed them 2-3 times a week, can keep in a small bowl, keep out of dierect sunlight. Clean bowl once a week to once a month.

Depends on the type of fish and the size of the bowl.

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