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It depends on how much you are trying to lighten it. If you are going for a very light color, you must use a high volume developer and a blue or violet toner/base color (blue is the opposite of orange, and violet the opposite of yellow, so it will cancel out the unwanted color). If your hair is very dark, you may have to lighten your hair first, then tone it. If you are going for a darker blonde or light brown, choose an ash color dye with a blue base. I don't suggest buying from the local drugstore, instead to go a beauty supply store such as Shenomens where they carry professional grade products. The box dyes will cause your hair to fall out and become severly damaged. The clerk should be able to help you choose the right combination of products. Be sure to pick up bottles, brushes, etc. as the professional products are all sold separately instead of in a kit. Also, be sure to pick up a protein filler/deep conditioning treatment to counter the dryness and damage processing your does. One packet right after you rinse out the dye will leave your hair soft and shiny for weeks. After coloring your hair, a good color depositing shampoo will help keep the brassiness down (get a shampoo for blonde hair, it will have violet tones in it to subtly maintain your color). I wish you luck, from someone who's had the same problem!

if you have naturally dark hair, and you are trying to color it blonde or a light color, you will most likely need to lighten it before you color it. The lightening will strip it of all its color, so that you can give it any new color you want.

Go to a professional.


You are lightening it , not coloring it when you lighten it. Brown or darker hair goes through stages when it is lightened. red, orange, yellow, light yellow. Many do not leave the lightener in long enough, they panic when they see it is orange and rinse, when if it is left longer , it will move to the lighter stage, however, this also damages hair, and should not be done on unhealthy hair..

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The "go to a professional" comment is exactly right, especially if you have really dark hair. Real professional hair dye is not like the stuff sold in stores; the technician mixes the color needed for your hair from base colors. The technician--assuming you go to an experienced colorist--will know what to put in the mix to have it come out the right color.

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Q: How do you keep from getting orange hair when you dye it?
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Peroxide will dye your hair orange if you use it on your hair... Just get some hair dye from the store :D

Can you dye orange hair brown?


Can you dye your hair black again after your roots turned orange after trying to dye it a lighter color?

Yes if you will dye it every 2 months for the rest of your life to keep your hair not orange try adding a dark brown but next year don't use a red because it will turn like a orange again! Yes you can dye it back again.

How do you dye black hair dark orange?

1st use bleach, then the dye

What will happen if you dye your orange hair blond?

hair is important to us

What is pro keratin hair dye?

keratin is in carrots, which cause anything to turn orange in color; therefore, keratin hair dye is hair dye with more keratin than normal hair dye. it may or may not make your hair turn orange-tinted, depending on what color hair dye it is, but it's not a bad thing. it can actually also soften your hair.

Can you dye orange hair black?

Well you can dye pink hair blue, you can dye blue hair yellow!! Go to a Salon and ask a color specialist.

How to get rid of orange in hair?

There is only one way to get orange color out of hair. The only way to get orange out of hair would be dye it a dark color.

Can you use lemon juice to dye your hair?

You don't. If you do, your hair will turn orange!

If you bleached your hair and it came out too orange what can you do?

you get darker dye

How do you dye hair if allergy occur?

If your getting allergies from the hair dye then should find out whats causing it. Then find another hair dye that doesn't have whatever your allergenic to. Then you can dye your hair with no allergies!!!

Can i dye my hair black after a blond orange mess up?

You'll need to use a toner to get that orange color out. if you dye it black you'll just have an orange tint

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