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Go to the web site Nor'east miniature roses and click on growing tips they have a good amount of information there I think you will find helpful. I am not afilliated with them just know there expertese in this is very good.

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Why roses upside down on tombstones?

to keep them alive

Can roses keep growing 'till they are giants?

Roses are genetically programmed to grow to a certain height just as we are. They can't reach their optimum height unless growing conditions (light, food, water, soil condition) are correct. Disease and insect damage can also prevent them from growing as high as they should. Different varieties of roses will grow to different heights - miniature rose bushes are small and compact, climbing roses can form a tall wall when supported by a trellis. As far as "giants" go, even a miniature rose bush is a giant to an ant. It depends on what you mean by giant.

Can hair die?

The Bottom Of You Hair Is Dead, Its The Top Part That Is Alive To Keep It Growing.

Why do your fingers keep growing after you are dead?

because once you are dead every thing in your body finishes growing to the point that you would have if you were still alive

Is your death near?

always and never I die everyday, but I choose to focus on the choices that keep me alive and growing.

How do you keep roses alive for a long time?

Feed them well from planting onwards and you should get at least 25 years from a modern hybrid bush.

Is the nail alive or dead?

nails are dead that is why when you die your hair and nails keep growing(hair is dead too)

When scientists study germs how do they keep the germs alive for so long?

They don't they keep on growing many specimans and keep using different ones unless they are ones that keep living (penicillan)

How much acreage for a miniature horse?

We keep two miniature horses comfortably (with hay supplement) on about a hectare.

What keep cells alive?

what does keep cells alive

Do dapple miniature dachshund keep their blue eyes?


How does a florist store roses in order to keep them fresh?

There are many ways to keep roses fresh. Some good tips are to water roses the evening before they are going to be cut. Also roses should be cut in the morning before it gets to hot.

When you die does your hair keep growing?

When you die your hair does not keep growing.

Which animals have teeth that keep growing?

gerbils teeth keep growing and i think Guinna pigs and hamsters teeth keep growing as well

Why do gerbils teeth keep growing?

gerbils teeth keep growing because gerbils keep growing. when humans grow so do their teeth.

Why does flower food help roses?

Roses need sugar to keep them looking fresh longer.

Does your hair keep growing after you die?

your hair doesnt keep growing after you die lol

Can you keep a Japanese Maple from growing to tall by pruning regularly?

No, but you can keep it from growing to heaven.

How do you keep deer away from roses?

Human hair.

What do all cells do to keep you alive?

how cells keep you alive is from your nutrients and from your stomach

Can you keep a miniature pig in a backyard?

Generally, miniature pigs can be kept in a backyard about a half- acre in size -- they don't need that much room.

Do your teeth keep growing?

your teeth do not keep growing because if they did you wouldn't be able to close your mouth.

What flowers keep Mosquitos away?

Roses and violets and irisis

How do you keep roses red?

put red dye in the water that the roses are in, when the flower drinks the water and sends the nutrients to the petals it will make/keep the flowers red, Hoped it helps!! -MelodicFlower

Why would the lack of xylem and phloem keep a plant from growing tall?

The xylem and phloem are long tubes in the stem of a plant that essentially pull water and nutrients up through the plant to feed it and keep it alive.

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