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Follow through with your throwing motion.

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Q: How do you keep the football from sailing too high when you throw it?
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What 2 motions do you use when you throw a football?

make sure to keep your feet chopping and step forward and bend your arm and throw the football

Can any quarterback throw a football 100 yards?

of course there are teens who can do a 100yrd throw but most cant throw that far and keep aim so you want see it often in a game

How can you keep you arousal high before a football game?


How do you tackle in football?

Answeryou lower your shoulder and wrap around the waist and force down.Tackling a football is easy. When tackling a football all you have to do is position in place, get low, keep your head up, get the ball, throw the football and when you see the ball them tackle the person that has its.

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What does the average high schooll football team do at practice?

Probable..... They try out different strategies and such, plus they exercise (to keep in shape) ;-)

How do you throw a good pass in football?

all you need to do is keep your eye on the person you are passing to and have your fingers on the white part of the foot ball good luck! and thanks for asking wikianswers!

How do you throw a good spiral football?

Throwing a football isn't easy and takes allot of practice on your own or with a friend/coach. How you could throw the football depends on how long time you have been throwing a football. Allot of young quarterbacks throw the ball by sliding their hand under the ball, they do this because their hands are to small to throw the football properly. This method could create a nice spiral, but however it's the wrong way! Why is it wrong? Well if you slide your hand under the ball you will get almost no power at all. So if your hand are really small or you if you haven't thrown a football very long time this is a common way to throw the football.Now how to throw the football properly.At first i would like to say that nobody can tell you exactly how to throw the football properly, we can only give you guidelines.The gripMany coaches tell their QB's to find their grip first, I don't agree with that because I have changed my grip many times, so my tip is, throw throw and throw until you have a grip that feels comfortable (but test new grips to see witch grip that feels the best).Throwing motionTry keeping your wrist straight at all time though the motion. Start the motion by taking a step with your left foot (for a right handed player) against your target and at the same time you should take your throwing arm 90 degrees and back (so your little finger is pointing backwards). As I said before always keep your wrist straight through the motion. While going into the throw keep your arm high, above your shoulder is a good measurement. Finally your follow through, when you are about to release the ball (always above you shoulder with you wrist straight) turn your hand so that you index finger is the last finger to touch the ball. If you have done this correctly, your hand should naturally go down to you left pocket (for a right handed player) and you should result in a perfect spiral.

What is a good age to start football?

i started as soon as i could throw a football and tackle. football is a great sport for keeping your kids in shape and maintaining the winner inside of them. pretty much that's all sports, just keep your dang kids active, doesn't matter how old or young they are!

Who puts on gloves in football?

goalkeeper can keep hands on football

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When the wind is high and on your right throw a golf ball most likely it won't hit it but if you keep trying it will work

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Good question, but I don't think you can. I suppose you can search up "High School Football Rules" on Google, But you may, or may not be able to find them, Also rules can be different in various locations so keep that in mind.

Can a fan keep a football thrown in the stands in NCAA Football?


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