Barclays Premier League

The Premier League is an English professional league for football clubs. At the top of the English football league system, it is the country's primary football competition. It is contested by 20 clubs, operating a system of promotion and relegation with The Football League. The Premier League is a corporation in which the 20-member clubs act as shareholders. Seasons run from August to May, with teams playing 38 games each. It is sponsored by Barclays Bank, and is therefore officially known as the Barclays Premier League.

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4 players who's surname begins with L that have scored hat tricks in the premier league?

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i do believe that 4 players to score hatricks in the premiership are: Leroy Lita Limocko linconasta( ex sunderland reserve player)( Bosnian international)(1995 season) Henrik larsson(2006 season) Seb larsson(2007)

What year was Huddersfield Town were in the Premier League?

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Huddersfield Town have never played in the Premier League. They have played in the old Division One, equivalent of the modern Premier League, in the following periods:

1920-21 - 1951-52

1953-54 - 1955-56

1970-71 - 1971-72

What is the pay for soccer players in Chelsea football club 2008?

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the yop players will be on 60/70 grand a week with a star player like Gerrard on around 90,000 its been rumoured....rotation players will still be on around 30/40 a week. this isn't including there sponsorship deals aswell! its alrite for some!

Who scored arsenals first ever English Premier League goal?

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Steve Bould, who opened the scoring in their home game with Norwich on 15 August 1992. Arsenal went 2-0 up after Kevin Campbell scored, but Norwich came back to win 4-2.

What players have won a premier league medal and are the only player from their country to do so?

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There is more than 9 so far i have:















robbie slater also won it with rovers from Australia so bosnich ain't one.alex manniger from austria got 1 4 the gooners! berbatov this year can be added 2 the list 4 Bulgaria!Quinton fortune got one 1 with united as well am pretty sure

Didnt Smertin win it with Chelsea so that takes Kanchelskis out?

i have














the correct answers are;

forlan Uruguay

wreh Liberia

fortune south Africa

schmeical denmark

park south Korea

essien Ghana

yorke Trinidad and tobago

berbatov Bulgaria

luzhny Ukraine

gudjonson iceland

kuzchak Poland

manninger austria

kanu nigeria

they are the ONLY 13 players


PS jonny evans is another northern Ireland international

How many goals have been scored in premier league this season so far?

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Until 28 November they played 15 matches, scored 32 goals and conceded 17 goals.

Why is English football so rubbish?

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I don know, maybe there are not enough talented players, maybe they do not try hard enough, maybe players from other countries are more determined, maybe they drink too much. However, it could be due to poor academy standards. Many players go through the youth system only to get told that they are too small even when standing at heights like 5'10 and sometimes 6'0 in the case of goalkeepers. The general message seems to be "You can teach football, but you can't teach athleticism", with main emphasis being placed on physical strength, height and speed irrespective usually of skill. The England under 19s squad is a good example of this with the average height being roughly 6'1. Whereas, in countries like Argentina players who are of small stature can nevertheless succeed. Lionel Messi had hormone deficiencies and at 14 was only 4'6. Even now he's 5'9 I think. That's my opinion though, too much emphasis on height and strength, not enough emphasis on footballing ability.

Is really undertaker dead?

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No, he isn't dead. People say that he is the "Underworld Keeper." So in the WWE. he's a dead man. In real life, he ain't.

What day of the week are premier league football games?

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Premier league matches are played on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Is Chelsea Football Club good at football?

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Yes, very much so. They have consistently finished in the top ten of the Premiership and usually are title contenders. The are well above average; one of the best.

When did the English league start?

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The English football league starts in August all the way to may

How much does Edwin van der Sar earn a week?

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190 thousand a week big one

Who was the top scorer for spanish league 0809?

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In the 2010-11 Spanish Primera Division season, Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo scored 40 goals in 34 games.

Who wears the number 18 shirt at Tottenham Hotspur?

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In the England national football squad, shirts numbers from 12 upwards depend on who is in the squad. In the last squad, former Manchester United and Real Madrid midfielder David Beckham, who currently plays for Los Angeles Galaxy in the US, wore number 18 as a substitute.

How many English premier league qualify for champions league 2014?

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In every season, the top four teams in the English Premier League qualify for the champions league. However, If a team did not qualify at the end of a season, but wins the champions league, then the team in fourth gets knocked out of their qualifying spot for the champions league winners.

Which player has scored the most penalties since the premiership started?

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Buying players

Chelsea £744,440,000 Won Premiership

Man CITY £649,180,000 Won Premiership

Liverpool £552,205,000 Not

Man UTD £483,150,000 Won Premiership

Spurs £412,050,000 Not

Arsenal £341,090,000 Won Premiership

Blackburn£195,462,000 Won Premiership

What are the most goals scored in any premier league week?

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41 done three times 1997 & 2010 & 2012 (at half time in liverpool v qpr)

Who has scored 5 goals in the premier league?

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Andrew Cole vs. Ipswich Town [19', 37', 53', 65', 87'] - [9-0]

Alan Shearer vs. Sheffield Wednesday [30', 33' (p), 42', 81', 84' (p)] - [8-0]

Jermaine Defoe vs. Wigan Athletic [51', 54', 58', 69', 87'] - [9-1]

Dimitar Berbatov vs. Blackburn Rovers [2', 27', 47', 62', 70'] - [7-1]

Top five highest paid players in English premier league?

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It John Terry, Frank Lampard, Dider drogba, Michael essien and Wayne Rooney.

Who is the current highest paid footballer in English premier league?

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It is now Wayne Rooney with £250,000 a week