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You can check the LAN connection icon double click on it to check the speed of your computer.

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Q: How do you khow the speed of Internet on your Internet explorer?
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Why is Internet Explorer 8 slow to load?

Internet explorer is not slow. The speed depends on your wires, brand of computer, and internet service. (Mostly brand of computer.)

What can be done to speed up Internet Explorer 9?

To speed up internet explorer 9 you can purchase add-on programs from computer stores. You can also upgrade from your internet provider to help make your internet speed faster. It will cost you money to make this faster but it is very much worth it.

How fast is the Internet Explorer web browser?

The speed at which the Internet Explorer web browser functions on your computer will depend greatly on the speed of the internet service that you have subscribed to, however without taking that into consideration it is generally believed that Internet Explorer is one of the slower browsers available when compared with others such as Firefox or Google Chrome.

What is internet explorer 9?

internet explorer is beta then Internet explorer 9

How long does it take for internet explorer 8 to download?

The amount of time that Internet Explorer 8 downloads depends on the speed of the computer and internet. When the download starts, there should be a number of the estimated time that is remaining for the file to be downloaded.

What is beta internet explorer 9?

Internet explorer is beta then Internet explorer 9

What is the name of Google's web browser?

Following are the Microsoft browsers All version of Internet Explorer . like Internet Explorer 5.0 Internet Explorer 5.5 Internet Explorer 6.0 Internet Explorer 7 Internet Explorer 8

What is the abbreviation for Internet Explorer?

IE (Internet Explorer)

Windows explorer and internet explorer are the same thing?

In Windows 95, Windows XP (with Internet Explorer 7 or later installed), and later, they are not the same thing. In Windows 98, 2000, Me, and XP (with Internet Explorer 6), Internet Explorer is integrated with Windows Explorer.

Which is the latest version of internet explorer?

Internet Explorer 9 is the latest version of Internet Explorer web browser.

What contenent would you find at 20 digrease south 60 digrease west?

Idk I don't khow

What is a IE?

internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is a web browser. The most up-to-date version is Internet Explorer 9.