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How do you kill a virus?

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Solution 70% ethanol 30%water in a lab. Soap and water at home. Wash your hands.

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Can a virus kill you?

Yes a virus can kill you, as you know virus there is no antibiotic to kill the virus. There are diseases such as viral meningitis, where its meningitis in a virus form where it can kill one very quickly. It all depends on the virus and the severity of it.

Can you kill the genital wart virus?

You can not kill the genital wart virus.

Can salt kill herpes virus?

Salt won't kill the herpes virus.

Can chemotherapy kill the HIV virus?

Chemotherapy won't kill the HIV virus.

Can neem tree leafs kill HIV virus?

No, they can not kill the HIV virus.

Why can't the hIV virus be killed?

The virus CAN be killed, but in the human body, most things that will kill the virus would also kill the human. Research is continuing on things that can kill the virus but not the human.

Which liquid did salk kill the virus?

which liquid did Jonas salk kill the virus that remain intract

What does an antivirus do?

Kill the virus. Whatever the virus may be.

Can mumps virus kill you?

UNFOTUNATELY-Mumps can kill you

Can the virus kill the grimace?

Nothing can kill the Grimace.

Could the virus kill the grimace?

Nothing can kill the Grimace.

Does boiling kill virus?


Softdrinks can kill HIV virus?


Does saliva kill the HIV virus?


Can unplugging a computer kill a virus?


What do protozoans eat?

a virus that can kill you

Can antibiotic also kill virus?


How can the polio virus kill you?


Can a fever kill a virus?

No it cant

Can the body kill the hiv virus?

No it can not.

Will antiseptics kill virus?


How do you kill chickenpox virus?

Bleach solution and other typical disinfectants are more than enough to kill chickenpox virus on surfaces.

What is west nile virus?

It is a virus that can kill you and when somebody gets it and dies it spreads

Can influenza kill people?

Sometimes it can kill you it depends how big the virus is

Can a virus in a human body kill them?

no but same time it can kill a person

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