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Bowtie Stitch

This is a very simple pattern that can be used for practically any project in stockinette. It's a repeat of six stitches, and the only thing you'll need to learn is to knit into the stitch below the one you'd normally knit (k1b) , the stitch between the purls in the pattern. If you do this wrong you'll end up dropping a stitch down a row, so make sure to watch this.

For the dishcloth:

CO 42 sts

Knit garter for 3 rows (keep the K3 garter border throughout pattern)

(r1) K3, P to last 3 sts, K3

(r2) Knit all

(r3) K3, [P3, K3]* repeat to border, K3

(r4) K3, [P1, K1b, P1, K3]* repeat to border, K3

(r5) repeat row 1

(r6) repeat row 2

(r7) K3, [K3, P3]* repeat to border, K3

(r8) K3, [K3, P1, K1b, P1]* repeat to border, K3

repeat these 8 rows to desired length, Knit garter 3 rows, BO.

The pattern will look like tiny bows or bowties, see picture.

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2013-04-22 17:25:47
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Q: How do you knit the bowtie stitch?
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How do you knit twice into yarn over?

To knit twice into a yarn over, you can knit into the front of the stitch and knit again into the back of the stitch.

How do you knit a purl stitch?

to knit a purl stitch you would either twist the stitch ( actually take off and turn it around) or knit it from the back

What does KFB sand for in knitting pattern?

It means "knit through forward and backward of stitch". Knit a stitch normally and before you slide the original stitch off the needle knit through the back of the stitch.

What is the most common knit stitch used for beginners?

The most common knit stitch used for beginners is... wait for it... the knit stitch! The other most common knit stitch is called the purl stitch. These are the two basic stitches in knitting and when they are put together in different ways, they create different patterns! When you knit every row, that's called the garter stitch and when you knit one row and purl the next row, that's called the stockinette stitch.

How do you increase a stitch in knitting?

Knit into the front loop of the stitch and then knit into the back loop of the stitch and then slip both onto your right needle

How do you knit slip s?

You can knit in a stitch that has been slipped.You can slip any stitch from one needle to another to accomplish a slip stitch.

What does it mean to knit the second stitch from the back then knit the first stitch from the front?

This is how you do the twist part of a cable stitch without a separate cable needle.

What does knit in the back of stitch mean?

Normally when you knit, you knit through the front loop of the stitch. Some patterns call for knitting through the back loop as a variation.

What knitting stitch goes with the knit stitch?

I believe the answer you're looking for is: the Purlstitch.The purl stitch, when looking at the completed piece of knitted fabric, is actually the reverse side of the knit stitch, and is usually considered it's "companion."

How do you bind off knitting stitches?

Bind off is also called cast off. You knit a stitch and then knit another one, and pull the first stitch that you knit over the second one.

How do you do a yarn over slip as if to purl knit 1 psso?

Wrap Yarn over (yo) right needle; to slip as if to purl, insert right needle under next stitch from the top (rather than the bottom), slipping stitch back to the right needle; Knit 1 stitch (next stitch); psso is pass slipped stitch over the stitch you just knit.

Which knitting stitch is tightest?

Stocking Stitch (knit a row, purl a row, repeat)

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