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You can tell how old your Ithaca gun is by the model and serial number

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Q: How do you know how old your Ithaca gun is?
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What are conditions in Ithaca?

ithaca gun is defunct in ithaca

When was Ithaca Gun Company created?

Ithaca Gun Company was created in 1883.

Who made or imported the Ithaca model 500 serial number s5550113?

The gun was made by SKB in Japan and imported by Ithaca, starting in 1966. I don't know when your particular gun was made.

What is Ithaca Gun Co serial number 61229?

this was my fathers old bird gun lots of stories behind this old model 37 lol

Where can you purchase an Ithaca gun?

What type of Ithaca are you looking for?

How old is your Ithaca shot gun model 37 serial 4-116433?


What is the age of your Ithaca M66?

Mine is 34 years old and is still a fine gun

What is the value of Ithaca model 37 featherlight 16 gauge serial 581178-2?

well i wanted to know what my 16 gauge featherlight Ithaca how old it was and how much it was worth i called Ithaca arms gun co. out of Ohio because they are no longer made in Ithaca New York so that's your best bet

Have an old Ithaca side by side 16ga serial number 192095 and would like to know how to determine the model of this gun and the value of this gun Can someone please help?

You have an Ithaca Flues model made in 1909. Can not provide more without additional information stamped on the watertable and barrel flats.

What year was the Ithaca 72 saddle gun made?

The Ithaca saddle gun was made from 1973-1978.It was made by Erma werke,in West germany for Ithaca.

Where can you find the history of an Ithaca side by side 20 gauge double triggers serial 218343?

I'm not sure anymore. There are Ithaca gun collector clubs that should be able to help you. I don't know if Ithaca is still in business or not. They were in Union Springs, NY the last I knew. GOOGLE Ithaca gun collectors and see what you get.

Is Ithaca a good gun to buy?