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How do you know if a guinea pig is too skinny?

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If you can feel ribs with no roundness protruding around them, and the guinea pig is acting sluggish, perhaps not eating much, maybe consider asking a pet-aficionado (eg. an employee at a pet store, a knowledgeable friend) or a vet clinic to check over your pig. A common misconception is that lettuce and celery are good for guinea pigs, when in reality, these contain too much water and may cause diarrhea (which may be leading to this skinny-ness/poor health you're hinting at). Make sure you're feeding some good-quality pellets, and that your guinea pig is getting Vitamin C everyday in extra's you give it (fruits/veg), as Guinea pigs are one of the only animals who cannot synthesize their own Vitamin C. I read that one of the most common illnesses in Guinea Pigs is scurvy. Could this be happening with your pig? Good luck!

2006-08-23 17:50:44
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Your guinea pig is dragging his behind legs what is wrong with him?

The guinea pig is either too fat or lazy, but if your guinea pig is too fat I'm afraid it might die :(

Can you give a guinea pig a lime?

No,it is too much acidic.So,they are bad for Guinea pig.

What to do when your guinea pig is giving birth?

leave it alone they prefer too be alone during birth and they know what too do

What does guinea pig lice look like?

You can't see lice on a guinea pig, they are too small.

What is the name of the guinea pig with a Mohawk on gforce?

I have the same type of Guinea Pig. She too has a Mohawk. There are called Abyssinian Guinea Pigs.

What fruits and veggies can you give a guinea pig if its on a diet?

carrots and greens. but not too much or the Guinea pig will get sick.

What kind of sweets will kill a guinea pig?

Anything that contains too much sugar is bad for Guinea pig.

Is my guinea pig too old to have babies?

== == == == == ==

Can you give another guinea pig that has had babies another baby guinea pig from a different mum that has been rejected?

yes, but don't be surprised if the Guinea pig rejects it too. but it might not

Can a guinea pig get too cold and die?

YES, during cold months a guinea pig can freeze to death at night.

Why is your dog so interested in your guinea pig?

My dog is interested in my guinea pigs, too! It is probably because there are new "unknown" specimen in his/her territory or maybe he/she is like, "What are these things!?" I wanna know! I wanna know!" The guinea pig probably has a weird smell and your dog probably wants to know what it is. Your dog might be upset about the guinea pig because maybe your spending alot of time with you g.p. and he/she wants to get rid of it?

Do you brush guinea pig hair?

You are actually supposed to brush your guinea pig's hair to keep it from getting matted. The guinea pig usually enjoys it, too!

Can a guinea pig eat too much?

Yes They Can .

How cold does the water have to be when your bathing your guinea pig?

Lukewarm. Not too warm, but not cold. ex: Bathing a guinea pig in the same temp as you bathe a dog is too hot.

Can you give a guinea pig a popsicle stick?

No you cannot , They splinter and break far too easily and your guinea pig could get hurt from it.

Is it okay if a guinea pig has fleas?

NO! fleas suck the blood from the guinea pig and cause pain!they carry many diseases too.

Why cant you give lettuce to a guinea pig?

u cannot give lettuce to a guinea pig because it makes them really sick and lettuce is way too thick to a guinea pig so if your out there and you have a pet guinea pig DONT FEED IT LETTUCE plz dont

Will your guinea pig be ok sleeping outside?

yes but only in the summer as if the guinea pig gets too cold i the winter it will die and by the way you will need a huch not a cage as a cage will get too much wind as it has no private bit or shelter and your guinea pig will get wet !

Can dog flea soap kill a guinea pig?

yes because there ar too many chimichals for it too take and the smell perfume can also kill a guinea pig .

Do guinea pig know how to swim?

Guinea Pigs instinctively known how to swim. But only for short periods of time. I wouldn't recommend you make a Guinea Pig swim in water too deep for them to touch the bottom, as it can be quite frightening for them and causes them to become stressed.

How much watermelon should a guinea pig eat?

Too much watermelon is bad for a guinea pig. It's best saved as a treat.

Do oranges make an acid burn in a guinea pig?

Yes,giving too much oranges can cause acid burn in a Guinea Pig.

What are the symptoms of a pregnant guinea pig?

wish i knew too!

Can you feed a guinea pig celary?

Yes. But not too much

Can too much parsley hurt guinea pig?