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Hey first of all are you a girl because if you are a boy then he is gay. Are you a good looking girl? Because if you are then most likely he is acting gay just to feel on you and get some action. Either way be careful because you never know what he might do.

AnswerAsk him. Don't rely on stereotypes, gossip or any other questionable means. If you're comfortable enough to make out with him, you should be comfortable enough to talk to him. AnswerI know a really effeminate straight guy. How 'masculine' or 'feminine' you act has nothing to do with your sexuality. Sexism throughout history has lead to certain beliefs on what is 'masculine' and what is 'feminine', but these are really just labels which don't mean anything. Masculine just means 'like a man,' so all men are, by definition masculine, even if they show attributes normally associated with women. Equally, all women, even really butch ones, are feminine by virtue of being female.

The fact that he made out with you suggests that he is straight (assuming you are a woman, but I doubt you'd feel a need to ask this if you were a man) regardless of how effeminate he is.

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Q: How do you know if a guy is gay if he made out with you but he is really feminine?
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Are all gay people feminine?

No, all gay people are not feminine.

Gay How can you tell a man is gay What are the 'signs'?

There are not really many signs to tell you a man is gay. Some gay men do act feminine which is a clear sign.

Who was the first gay male in the US?

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What do you call somebody who is not gay but has feminine tendencies?

Anyone with feminine tendencies (gay or straight) could be called effeminate.

What are some myths about homosexuality?

Here are a few myths, though they vary by culture:Gay men are all feminine.Gay men cannot fall in love.Lesbians are all masculine.Gay men really want to be women.Lesbians really want to be men.Gay people choose to be gay.Gay people are just acting out against society.Gay men know about fashion and hairstyling.Lesbians are good with power tools.People can turn gay as the result of experience or trauma.

How do you know when you gay but im not?

You know that your gay when you kiss a man have any sexual relationship or really like a guy. im gay & im proud of it.

How do you know if a gay guy is gay?

You don't always know, sometimes they hide it or they don't act stereotypicaly gay. Some gay guys act feminine, for example talking in a high pitched voice or wearing feminine clothing. Some guys can also seem gay, but they aren't. It can be confusing at times. The best way to know for sure is wait until they tell you. Or, you could become close friends with them, if your a boy, and wait till they ask if you want to make out.

How do you know if a guy is really gay?

Just ask

If someone said to you i didnt know you would be that sensitive without telling me what does it mean?

Someones probably really gay. really gay.

Is Danny noreiga gay?

No Danny is not gay he is just a little feminine.

Are boys like girls gay?

Boys who act feminine are not always gay. They can just be in touch with their feminine side. Sometimes they are gay but even if they are then people should just accept them for who they are.

Is Rapper Lil Nuke Really Gay?

Well it is unknown if he is gay or not he never made it public.

How to know when a girl or guy is gay?

Why do you need to know? If you really have to know, the only way is to ask them.

Why do gay men act feminine?

Well, not all gay men act feminine. Some do and some don't. It just depends on the person.

Is bowser gay?

well i don't really know? No he's not

How do you know if a 10 year old boy is gay?

It is very difficult to know if a 10 year old boy is gay. Before boys reach puberty some boys may have fun trying on their mothers or sisters skirt and swishing around or even dressing up in girlish costumes at Halloween. Sometimes young boys will emulate their mother or especially a sister just to get a rise out of them and this could include feminine traits such as swishing; using their hands in a feminine way. You really won't know if the boy is gay for sure until he reaches puberty.

How do you know when a man is acting gay or he really is?

The only way to know is to ask him. There is know other way to know.

Should you tell your guy best friend that you are gay and that you like him?

If your really feminine he probably knows... Otherwise take it slow and just start out like telling him your gay and then later tell him you like him

How can one tell that he is gay?

You can not really tell if someone is gay, you are better just asking the person if you want to know.

Is beoncye gay?

No She Probably Has A husband, but who am I to know i dont really like her.

Why do gay men try to act feminine?

This is a stereotype.

Are gay people really gay?

Yes, gay people are really gay. No one benefits from pretending to be gay.

How do you attract gay men?

If you know that they really are gay, you can always talk to them and let them know that you are interested. But dont start out too strong or they may suspect that you are not what you seem to be.

How do you come out to a gay guy you know likes you?

Hi, I hear we have something in common. Hi, you know, I would really like to know you better. If you know he is gay, all you have to do is tell him. It shouldn't be a big deal.

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